Voting ended at: Aug. 21, 2022, 12:30 p.m.

Weight after voting: 21.02 / 35.640

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


35 SharkIII friendly ctf

35 tinnamchoi Turns out it's their first CTF so considering that it's quite well done tbh

22 pilvar Cool challenges were done. I know it's supposed to be a beginner ctf, but top teams fought on speed rather than skills, which is a bit sad

35 790356373 so crazy,but crypto can do better

35 nosurf Good CTF, wish there were more challs :)

35 r4j4_rj a good beginner friendly ctf with responsive admins, the web infra had quite a downtime in the beginning but was managed with alt. links

20 kaliopex cryptos were bad and recycled and should be Stego and OSINT, web infra was crap, its a OK beginner CTF

35 gr007 This ctf was awesome...

35 sf_t4ng0 Good CTF

8 DeadDude-glitch The challenges were easy to solve but needed more guiding hints

35 Server Good CTF

20 nimblemutt Fun CTF, bit easy. Some challenges a bit too guessy, but the admin was mindful of this and helpful.

35 alternox cool ctf

25 notmari Nice CTF but like others said there were many challs that were too guessy.

1 huynv Guessy challenges, bad infra, fake crypto

35 sn1per good ctf

32 tinnamchoi Good beginner challenges. Misleading categories tho

1 MNThomson Crypto challs were just obscure stego, web was custom jank, infra kept dying, admins weren't helpful

1 korami Web challenges ruined the ctf.

15 Nissen Decent beginner CTF. Some good challs, but most quite guessy, bad infra, unclear descriptions etc.

2 wski Guessy challenges, bad infra, poor admin support, too many hints

5 deltaclock Almost no technical challenges, guess the flag, no pwn, no web attacks, crypto included Braille decoding...

15 zeosutt Stego and Brainf*ck in "web", no pwn. Except for web, basically good.

35 Necron3574 fun ctf

20 PeaceRanger Many guessy challenges. But some were cool. Useful for beginners.

18 fralabi Nice ctf, but crypto challenges didn't are crypto challenges

1 peter_ Pure guessing. Rarely played a ctf as bad as this.

10 rabbitsthecat Non-crypto crypto

1 jaydens guessy web

35 fairytypean Useful for beginners. Blackbox web challs with useful descriptions are really cool

1 neilk 26 teams maxed out, fake crypto, should speak for itself. not worth 35 points

8 cx18 No real crypto, no pwn, stego and random ciphers in web, half the problems were "find the correct tool and win". Decent for beginners though

15 RJCyber Challs were very enjoyable, but wayy too easy. Some challs were guessy; no pwn.

32 RJCyber challs were very enjoyable, but wayy too easy.

35 pun1sher good challenges

35 mohsinshah565 GG

16 hvn many easy one, no mordern crypto, no pwn, quite guessy

22 hvn many easy one, no mordern crypto, no pwn, quite guessy

1 sahuang Way too beginner level, seriously how people voted 35 :)

10 ckc9759 Nice ctf

20 j4mal challs in crypto should be moved to misc or stego

15 QzSG good beginner ctf

35 cieran fun and beginner friendly

34 ywc very nice and beginner friendly

2 serioton Guessy

28 M13 Gg

1 @n0s guessy af, not technical

32 1anp3sk nice for beginner


35 ghsi10 I really like the CTF although the servers were very weak

35 @n0s guessy af

35 icssword nice ctf

35 wongyos Good

35 aynkl GG

20 toasterpwn Too many 100% solved, less guessy and harder challenges, AND FOR GODS SAKE PWN PLEASE ?

35 h0RST_PL ok

35 HealthStone ok

35 Jopraveen make pwn next time

35 Bornunique911 Awesome CTF for beginners.

5 aoaaceai Most of the challenges don't require skill, just pure luck. Every chals in crypto should be moved to misc.