Voting ended at: Oct. 9, 2022, 4 p.m.

Weight after voting: 24.86 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 craftbyte Great CTF, Great challenges, Great orga

25 0xB0tm4n Thanks

25 numberten fun :)

25 Sicriss Great ticket system, great challenges, would love to play again!

25 page2me thanks

25 page2me thanks

25 kaelanalysis Great challs

25 vinyojanos Even the simplest challenge had a twist.

25 hvn great

25 Maplefin would give a 35 if possible

25 Maplefin would give a 35 if possible

25 ffyyytt Quite good

25 Dysnome Amazing website, themed challenges and good level

25 Khonsu Not beginner-friendly but nice and interesting challenges, cool CTF

25 Minei3oat challenging and fun

25 bhu_ awesome ctf and cool category pictures

23 Day91 Some very interesting challenge solutions especially in pwn and a great theme, however some guessy challenges brought it down.

25 dungwinux Cool forensics and challenging rev. Website design is good

25 37hG3rm4n nice CTF!

25 toasterpwn Very fun and challenging

25 Henriknn nice ctf

25 RJCyber fun ctf

25 HexF Quite difficult, but was very fun

25 Strellic nice web

25 lean One of the most well designed ctf's ive participated in

25 0xB0tm4n very cool and fun ctf

25 dmichal Great CTF, very interesting problems. I especially liked the programming section :)

25 damjan ???

25 s1ngl3m4l7 Fun and well organized

25 Den_loob Very fun and unique CTF

25 zi_ 10/10, would lose sleep again for this ctf

25 ZeroDayTea Very difficult but a lot of fun

25 mzhang Nice challenges and well-designed website overall

25 Sanlokii Difficult but very interesting CTF!

24 jazzpizazz CTFd theme was really cool. A few of the challenges I looked at felt overly contrived or even guessy. Other ones were very interesting!

25 p4tr10th4ck3r nice ctf

22 IRVANNI This ctf was very exciting as there were challenges for any difficulty and of many categories.

25 -Q- nice webs

25 connorction_lost Great variety of challenges + nice range of difficulties

25 David_P. Good challenges and difficulty

25 vietzettt nice rev

25 egon Great theming, fun and interesting challenges, no infra issues

25 haqpl nice webs

25 ex0dea Really intresting and unique challenges ranging from medium to hard difficulty.

25 HexBACE Difficult, but learned a lot, awesome sauce! theme of website was pog

25 HexBACE Difficult, but learned a lot, awesome sauce! theme of website was pog

24 ropbear High quality CTF, both in graphic design and challenges

24 Ark (+) nice web! / (-) some guessy challs...

25 shang. well

25 MoonCaller27 Pretty awesome CTF!

25 k4it0z11

25 parrot ooops

18 parrot awesome ctf and loved the ctfd theme <3

25 zeosutt great challenges

25 coc0a very obviously thought out and designed high level ctf by high level players!

25 longkd719 nice

25 nisala Amazing ctf, definitely close to 100 weight

22 ropbear High quality CTF, both in graphic design and challenges.

25 Xornet nice rev

25 disconnect3d Except of the small outage at start, really good CTF with great (probably too many :P) challenges

25 flocto sahuang the goat fr

25 lebr0nli Well-made web challenges and infra!

25 An00bRektn Overall good challs, excellent UI, good support staff

25 crazyman so cool ppc and pwn i like it!!!!

25 JJJollyjim borpa >:(

25 Galvantua Very difficult CTF, but very well done

24 clubby789 Great theme and a lot of effort definitely went in, with some really interesting solutions, but some guessy challenges

25 szymex73 Stable infra, good difficulty range, quality challs and a very nice CTFd theme :)

25 apropos excellent design, excellent hosts, excellent challenges. easily 25+.