Voting ended at: Aug. 7, 2022, 10 a.m.

Weight after voting: 33.38 / 36.405

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


36 kernelpanick ctf was fun

36 aadit.ambadkar so fun

30 zeosutt some guessy challs, unstable infra, but good overall

36 felipecosta.fcb very nice

32 delviph Great ctf

36 adriano.scazzola Very nice CTF, Thanks!

36 T3jv1l Great CTF

36 d3sir Best CTF ever!!!

35 Pwn17 good CTF

36 sf_t4ng0 Excelent challs. Thanks

26 Toadytop Extremely fun challenges for all to enjoy!

36 ineesdv Nice challs

36 Hamad fun

36 aadit.ambadkar Loved it! only wish was that there were hints for medium and hard too

35 h0RST_PL nicely

36 SoupSeeker Fun challenges

23 SoupSeeker Fun challenges

36 gudaneko nicely

28 f0sch13r4 Great challs

36 Kabinet Interesting challenges

36 Sanlokii Great CTF, some issue with infra but fixed ASAP.

36 aynkl nice ctf

20 splitline beginner friendly ctf / unstable infra / should not be a 3x weight ctf cuz its difficulty

29 devgianlu nice challs, infra still struggling as past year, but good entertainment while infra is down

36 j3seerr good challs

35 zeski crypto could be better, some infra issues, but good overall

36 wski Very cool challs

36 okon1230 cool ctf

25 zpix Crypto tasks were broken, movfuscator reverse is boring, flutter reverse is guessy, overall a good ctf.

36 space_cowboy Original challenges, but infra could be improved

36 arrester good ctf

33 marufmurtuza Amazing challenges except for 2-3 guessy or vaguely described challenges. Looking for the next event by The Few Chosen! Highly Recommened!

36 riyadbinislam0 liked the questions

30 connorction_lost Great variety of challenges, admin support was great (even with a few minor site issues)

36 riyadbinislam0 excellent ctf

36 serioton well done

36 x3r0x Nice challenges, well run, fantastic infra

36 DicksonYCT I love hofill :P

36 Jopraveen nice ctf

36 H3lli0t Good Ctf

35 Bornunique911 Awesome CTF

36 Raf_Square