Voting ended at: Aug. 15, 2022, midnight

Weight after voting: 36.97 / 37.380

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


37 coc0a pog CTF, no issues, great challs

37 tinnamchoi ?

37 mohsinshah565 noice

37 NoRelect Awesome!

37 lightStack Great Pwn and Rev

37 QzSG Stable and fun

30 QzSG Stable and fun

37 neewek good

37 parrot Missing semi-colon js chall. Nice.

37 Ark High quality and great web!

37 voydstack Great CTF, high quality challenges

37 22sh Cool challs

37 Cib great ctf

37 hackintoanetwork Great challs

37 hackintoanetwork Great challs

37 Nomexus Good challenges

37 serioton Great challs

37 PhiQuadro Nice tasks, challenging and well designed.

37 nasm Very nice ctf

37 connorction_lost Good range of challenges

37 zeski Good

37 JesusCries noice

37 factoreal Very good and well designed crypto tasks

37 R0T++ good challenge

37 atkmt I enjoyed it very much and learned a lot!

37 szymex73 Stable infrastructure, nice difficulty range and great challenges. Had a lot of fun :)

37 ptr-yudai +open-sourced pwn / +well-designed tasks / +variety of difficulty / +good support / there was a network issue but still worth max score

37 RiftK Cool CTF!

20 badhacker0x1 Great CTF with some GREAT challenges!

37 toasterpwn Very Fun and High Quality!

37 sahuang High quality, really enjoyed. Look forward to next year!

37 sahuang High quality, really enjoyed. Look forward to next year!

37 7r0n great CTF and good challenges!

37 zeosutt Great!!!

37 sudi Really nice web challenges

37 harrier Great CTF, infra is good with the instance spawner, good challs

37 downgraded <3

35 biazo Great pwn and re challenges!

30 biazo Great pwn and re challenges

36 An00bRektn Great event, much more difficult than a rating of ~25, -1 for simplewaf

37 flocto cool crypto and wacky web + msfrog misc

37 Q7_ Great CTF