Voting ended at: Aug. 22, 2022, midnight

Weight after voting: 34.49 / 100.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


60 alfink lots of problems, but i like the idea of the livectf tournament and defcon ctf deserves a weight >50 imho

24 explo1t LiveCTF was nice, the rest needs more love. Let's just forget day 3.

30 sampriti I know it's their first year, but there were just too many issues. When I have to submit flags by discord DMs, something has gone very wrong

18 LucidBrot haven't looked at the challs, but communication was bad pre-start, event infra had several big issues, the scoreboard is very intransparent

20 ptr-yudai +10 for livectf pwn (i don't think the rule of livectf is good) / +10 for the efforts of administration (good luck next year)

35 sqrtrev As someone said "It's still better than 25", I vote again. The challenge (only for web) 50 ~ 60 pts / infra -15 / mis communication - 10

30 Mem2019 -40 for terrible infrastructure, -30 for Sudden Death rule of LiveCTF

45 crazyman waiting for the next year.Challenge are great but need more check.

55 shad64 there was a web challenge (!), the pwns were hard, the infra was "mostly" working but the orgs' communication should improve

50 rbtree There were a lot of things that could be prevented/improved before the CTF. I'm giving 50pts, purely based on the quality of chals only.

40 as3617 day 1 is perfect

100 as3617 day 1 is perfect

50 cts Although it's not the best DEF CON CTF ever, at least it is better than all those other CTFs that are 25 weight

25 FeDEX LiveCTF was a really good idea.

30 lamchcl In hindsight, SLA worked several times, and I cant say anything bad about the web challs. Also, LiveCTF scoring was fair if you didn't lose.

12 Mem2019 #cult-of-196

25 sqrtrev Wow

15 lamchcl This has truly been one of the CTFs of all time. Challenges were undeniably written, infra was created, and results certainly occurred.

26 utaha

20 crazyman only for LIVECTF