Voting ended at: Aug. 19, 2022, 4 a.m.

Weight after voting: 9.64 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


5 whoamins =-

1 Legoclones Infrastructure was broken almost all the time and the challenges were just weird. Would not do again

25 r4j4_rj challenges were good but the hints were not correct, guess that was a translation issue or something

25 caveeroo needs work on better support

25 M13 Decent

13 connorction_lost okay beginner CTF but issues with infra and flag formats need work (esp. OSINT/misc)

1 coc0a Just all round bad, unstable and broken ctf

13 Wrth I think it's just too guessy??? Even for beginner not many challenges are actually educational just lots of guessy challenge

1 FIREPONY57 gtf

1 cryze shit infra, bad admins, guessy challs, broken english, what else can you say?

25 CryptoSec26 Beginner friendly challenges, but organizing efforts were mostly unprofessional.

25 HurayraIIT it was a good CTF. Problems were interesting.

1 lightStack pwn felt copy pasted

8 ckc9759 Good ctf

15 790356373 not very good, but it's okay

1 Maggotty Bad infra, terrible chall descs and flag formats. Admins were terrible, and many challs were copied.

25 sn1per good

6 RJCyber admins tried, but terrible ctf. Challs recycled and too guessy, infra had a lot of downtime, admins slept for 16hrs+, challs misleading

1 esTse 2/4 web challenges offline last 12 hours. Challenges copied from other past ctf like CISCN19 CTF pls dont make this u degrade CTFs :(

1 m0riart3 guessy ctf

5 0x43ow ridiculously ambiguous flag formats and challenge descriptions.

1 sudlit guess -*-

1 Philogex guessing flag formats, and most osint challenge solutions had nothing to do with the provided files or hints

25 ChronosPK .

1 scrash osint challenges were 90% guessing, recycled challenges, admins offline for large part of the ctf

20 azan121468 Beginner level CTF

1 serioton really really really really bad ctf , bad infra , bad challs , bad admins . everything about this ctf is just so baaaad

25 aynkl More than anything, all normal ctf have at least 25 weight , some technical issues exist , we hope to see better next CTF. GG

1 NoRelect Bad task descriptions, typos in the flags, unclear flag formats, inactive admins and stolen challenges.

25 HealthStone Nice

10 chillz One of the worst CTF's I took a part in, stolen and scuffed challenges, chall infrastructure problems, hiding and asleep admins, guesswork

3 alternox if this was my first CTF, i'd be getting the wrong idea about CTFs

1 zeosutt reconsidered how many weights this worst CTF is worth

25 dbd4 Ok

7 m4szk0 Very guessy with many technical issues, but I still enjoyed it

5 dmitry-tiger Inactive admins, guessy flags, mixed categories (i.e. crypto is not really crypto). Bad task descriptions. Unstable infra, broken tasks.

25 jvalserac Ok

1 OfficialBenko Definitely not recommended. Very disappointed. Stolen, guessy challenges. Inactive admins.

1 wesserboy guessy challenges, some shamelessly copied from older CTFs, unstable infra, generally a bad time

4 1anp3sk not good

10 RiftK Okayish CTF for beginners ig but flags were very guessy.

25 mohsinshah565 gg

12 tr4c3datr4il normal, need to improve osint challenges

2 sp00k I "guess" it was bad

5 sixkwnp Flag format needs to be guessed, so fun tho. Flag format needs to be guessed, so fun tho.

10 sixkwnp Flag format needs to be guessed, so fun tho.

5 Xayn Way too vast for most challenges

2 ywc Flag format and challenge are very gussy. The infra is very unstable. Worst CTF I've ever experienced. But some challenge are interesting.

1 j3seerr really bad / guessy

1 nimblemutt Many guessy challenges, which you could only solve by contacting the mods (who were helpful). Many challenges copied.

1 A-Z Quite possibly the worst CTF I've ever played. This amazingly manages to check 21 out of 25 cells in the bad ctf bingo.

1 Nissen Worst CTF we have played. Challs were guessy, broken or even stolen. Admins unavailable a lot. Flag formats missing/ambiguous. Bad infra

5 sn0ox Very guessy and with re-used challenges! Some challenges were just a joke, very few were actually good. Admin were nice though

25 AntiDote32 good

1 TheBadGod >:(

25 DnyyGzd Nice challenges, nice support and nice ctf infrastructure. Some guessy challenges, but it's ok.

1 toasterpwn Not fun or challenging. Bad infra, bad gussy challenges, rude and unhelpful admins

25 esquilichi Admins were nice, infra kind of messy

1 H-mmer Worst CTF in the history of CTF's. most challenges broken over half the duration and others were stolen or didn't make any sense.

25 Galleon123 Its ok

25 bau1u cool

1 rabbitsthecat truly one of the ctfs of all time

1 kampet Highly guessy, infrastructure unluckily broke several times

1 someone12469 worst ctf of 2022

10 plue__ bad

2 face0xff most challenges were either broken, or stolen, or didn't make any sense whatsoever

25 DiegoAltF4 Ok

5 QzSG ok beginner ctf, weird challs scoring,some challs ripped off, OSINT bad & guessy. admins were nice but giving it weight 25 is not it

25 dyanesh

25 RiftK Decent beginner CTF

25 parkchanjin98 cool

5 zeosutt Many challs which require our tenacious guessing, similar chall to Double Secret at CISCN 2019, bad infra. A few challs were not bad.

25 m41 beginner friendly, need to step up with the infra and chall desc.

25 RJCyber admins were nice