Voting ended at: Aug. 8, 2022, 1:30 a.m.

Weight after voting: 22.56 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


24 0xD20 great

25 cap challenges were high quality :D

25 RiftK Cool

20 aynkl as a beginner freindly, its way better then some other ctfs , some organization issues , hope to see better next year. GG

25 _Ph03N1X_ nice

22 mxlici0us not bad

20 sijisu Pretty cool

25 alternox nice one

25 riyadbinislam0 great

25 riyadbinislam0 great ctf

23 shifu_ctf Cool

1 sadpanda Unrealistic expectations from participants for solving, orgs slept for entire 8+ hours end stretch

24 rabbitsthecat ;D

25 nosurf Great to see another Australian CTF, great job all involved

22 Nissen Interesting and quite original challs, but also many guessy and strange org behavior

23 a-n Awesome CTF organized by university members – many fresh, innovative challenges, interesting math, good organization. :)

18 maestro_pwner Nice CTF with the very interesting tasks

25 j3seerr not bad

25 wongyos Good

25 NoobMaster9999 Very fun CTF, keep it up guys :)

25 Jopraveen nice ctf

25 Pwn17 Awesome CTF

16 serioton gg

25 Raf_Square funny !

25 sudlit nc

25 p4w nice1

1 sahuang - patched a chal after one team unintended. Whats worse, chal was broken for more than 24 hours because author is on a trip :)

1 sahuang Balance rating, not worth 20+ IMO. +stable infra + nice and fun reverse. - extremely guessy "crypto" and misc, bad forensics.

25 KabirAcharya Really cool CTF


25 icssword nice ctf

25 toasterpwn Fun to play, More PWN and less guessing would be nice in the future