Voting ended at: Aug. 21, 2022, 6 a.m.

Weight after voting: 25.00 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 H-mmer gg

25 DnyyGzd Great CTF

25 Nissen Great CTF with fun, original and technical challenges that fit the categories well. Nice support and good infra.

25 aryaman_titan Great web and cloud challenges!

25 _wh1t3r0se_ uhhh

25 girinath

25 fralabi Good ctf, challenge are really original and the support was really nice

25 RJCyber fun ctf, orginal challs, admins were nice/helpful

25 AjxXi

25 atkmt that was fun!

25 Raf_Square

25 W01f_Pr1m3 .