Voting ended at: Oct. 9, 2022, 8 p.m.

Weight after voting: 24.03 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 Akerdidik ctf

25 KitsuneSakul Both easy and hard challenges. Very good CTF.

25 Cyberc0re Awesome CTF

25 Cy83rTR0n Interesting Challenges

25 Zireael Good CTF

20 Blenderwizard Simple challenges, some that I definitely feel like I solved unintentionally. Pwn challenges definitely the harder category.

25 page2me thanks

25 page2me thanks

25 Xenonminer really nice challenges and ctf

25 tomek7667 Very well balanced CTF - there some easy and medium tasks as they described. Well done!

25 37hG3rm4n nice CTF!

25 w3ich3rt It was a great ctf! Thx guys!

18 einSimon Thanks for this beginner-friendly competition, we've really enjoyed playing.

25 lean Congrats to Georgia tech students for creating this!

21 Acelxrd95 Good challenges for beginners

25 qualorm Cool competitions for beginners and the advanced ones. Perfect place to start new academic year and get new team members to join the fun!

24 ZeroDayTea Good CTF for beginners

25 L0k1 Cool

25 sos1s noice ctf

25 tiennvhe163008 nice

20 Courage Fun challenges,

25 sos1s good challs

25 larsw Good CTF with nice challs

25 RezaSi Good CTF for beginners

25 Moshe The overall difficulty was 23 in my opinion

25 m0nrass cool

24 shang. fine

25 tetractys4321 Really interesting challenges. Thank you organizers!

12 P0k3m0n Good ctf

25 vietzettt Good CTF with interesting challenges

25 fr0z830 Good CTF with a big variety of challenges

25 sociallyencrypted The CTF was extremely well built with challenges meant towards beginners and intermediates, most of them requiring out-of-the-box thinking.

25 DenseLance CTF for beginner and intermediate players with numerous questions requiring them to think out of the box.

25 c99 Good CTF with interesting challenges.

18 icon Good easy-medium CTF

25 Cy83rTR0n good ctf

25 Bornunique911 Cool and awesome CTF.