Voting ended at: Jan. 28, 2023, 3 p.m.

Weight after voting: 6.65 / 26.070

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


12 rozie good: different level of challanges, different types of challanges. bad: infra - so many 500s...

1 sahuang

1 crazyman guessing bad ctf bad infra

10 Cyb0rgSw0rd The few I could do were fun, but the infrastructure broke so much that we just stopped.

1 Legoclones Had some beginner challs, but awful infra, unsolvable pwn, released challs late, extended 2 hours last minute, just bad

15 f4lkensmaz3 All pwn puzzles broken. Very bad infra. And the time extended. Except these, it was enjoyable.

20 motion sever is two slow

20 c0nrad Infrastructure was unusable, unsolvable challenges, lack of accountability. Sad because it could have been good

26 dk4trin pretty cool!

1 MidnightTracer All 3 pwn challenges broken - admins refused to check despite being told multiple times.

1 Docteur_Shadow Lots of issues (broken pwn challenges, http errors on web challs,...)

1 0bit0x0 500 response/second. really had a bad experience, couldn't really focus on solving any due to server issue.

26 TalaatHarb The challenges were a mix of beginner and advanced level, it is suitable for beginner to mid teams

1 Lio bad ctf, broken challenges, unsolvable pwn

1 anvbis Broken challenges, organisers refused to check or fix after being notified by multiple participants.

1 anvbis Broken challenges, organisers refused to check or fix after notified by multiple participants.

1 Dimas_Maulana broken pwn

3 siunam The CTF infrastructure is extremely unstable. Too few web challenge.

1 th4nos bad infra, get flag by signing up on a sponsor's website...

3 YangMin terrible infra

4 neon_leitz Unfortunately the infra uptime was very spotty. There were also several pwn chals that were unsolvable. Otherwise difficulty was average.

5 syrniki Decent ctf, pwn challenges were compiled incorrectly rendering them unsolvable, admins kept saying this was intentional before removing them

18 SHAOCHI_LU terrible infra,guessy osint

1 v10l3nt Had 3 Pwns. 0 were solved. Believe compilation issues contributed to problems. 0 solutions provided. Environment buggy.

25 gynvael See

2 larsw Infra was a train wreck - as well as the non-solvable pwns. Extra minus for admins lying about the pwns being solvable.

1 LucidBrot terrible infra - submitting flags only worked once every 20 minutes. get flag by signing up on sponsor's website. flag location guessing.

20 ggg048 Best CTF

5 fkania2 awful infrastructure, half of our requests were throwing 500s... tasks were pretty medium in terms of difficulty