Voting ended at: Dec. 11, 2022, 5 p.m.

Weight after voting: 22.07 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 Toons Very good CTF and funny

25 Miro_ very good

25 NoobMaster9999 very good ctf!

25 0xB0tm4n good ctf but DDOS chall isn't the best idea

25 aynkl gg

25 Skryptonyte decent

19 d63hbz Some basic some difficult

25 neeagleism not bad

19 giladify Some strong challenges that gave us a good brain tickle.

25 motion nc but all for programmers

25 Onirique nice challs

10 ss23 A lot of guess and poorly implemented challenges

25 badboy_17 Great

25 [email protected] good admins

25 nimblemutt Great challenges, responsive admins

25 0xROI Enjoyed !!!

25 cyberkitty Great CTF, helped me learn a lot. Good for all levels.

25 wongyos Good

25 hsinnn777 good

25 dlabi enjoyed

20 ToraNova fun ctf

21 0xnusec good ctf but not a beginner friendly

25 Tiefsee Very good CTF, fun and friendly

25 Revirtux GG

25 Borjmz 25 like the joints that are smoked!!

25 vikvdl Very fun

25 asmhole1 This CTF was not quite meant for beginners and challenges sometimes required knowledge of encryption algorithms/code/assembly.

20 kamekaze it was a hard one not beginner friendly

20 alternox A good ctf but the platform wasn't stable

22 ipaljak Decent

20 MR3gr4 I did similar CTFs in complexity with around 15-25 weight.

22 im_trying Fun challenges

25 qw3rtek fun

18 shreyasminocha Beginner-friendly. Had some infrastructure and chal issues, but the admins were responsive.

10 Cryptoverse Website is terrible, always 500/internal errors and some weird challs...

25 isthisthedarkweb ok

25 jpalayoor ok nice

25 Miro_ Fun CTF

25 Dysnome Good CTF

15 kdxcxs Beginner friendly

10 4NG3L_ NA