Voting ended at: March 19, 2023, 4 p.m.

Weight after voting: 98.51 / 100.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


100 borysp Zajebisty CTF!

100 crazyman high qualifyed!

100 manf great crypto

100 u200B Great challenges! LaTeX RE challenge was amazing and tough!

99 rbtree Nice reversing & crypto challenges. But there was unsolvable tex rev :cry:

100 downgraded <3

100 dfyz Amazing as usual

100 theKidOfArcrania Good quality RE challenges

95 NicolaiS Nice challenges. Loved a TeX challenge, but maybe a bit too many layers of obfuscation

100 Redford Zajebisty CTF! Especially linear_code (a RE chall), one of the best REs I was ever solving.

100 JJ8 Very nice!

100 Mem2019 Definitely top-tier

100 florian0 Pretty hard this year, imho. Had much fun. Love IRC. Discord is annoying.

100 qqdev Was quite nice! Thanks!

100 J08nY Very good quality crypto challenges

100 m3ssap0 High quality CTF, really liked it!

100 poiko awesome challs as always

60 Uz. High quality, but limited and minor chall and no use discord