Voting ends at: March 26, 2023, 8 p.m.

Current weight: 15.81 / 25.0

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.

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4 hweissi Infra and some challenges (e.g. pwn) were fine, but there were too many guessy challenges that existed just to pad the runtime of the CTF.

8 Fallmark A bit too guessy on some challs

16 J4X Web3 Challenges were very nice, infra also good. OSINT was very targeted towards french speaker.

19 Gabies Overall a nice CTF, but some of the challenges were a bit too guessy, If this is improved in the future, this CTF has a lot of potential.

18 Myldero some good challs. lots of guessy tho

25 V1C70RYG0D challs were very nice

20 Zireael guessy

25 Zireael good ctf

15 ecomaikgolf Nice infra & organization. Guessy challs.

12 h4ckd0tm3 Infrastructure nice, some challs guessy and disadvantageous if you have no knowledge about french or France.

10 meyira Guessy

17 RikiS Good challs

18 Ayweth20 Good challenges but some of them are a little bit guessy

17 thek0der Too guessy

13 yametersa Sometime good some Time too much guessy

15 nautilus intermediate level ctfs, great learning

15 Rambow semi hard