Voting ends at: March 30, 2023, 12:59 p.m.

Current weight: 25.00 / 25.0

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.

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25 0xB0tm4n great CTF

25 KabirAcharya Great CTF as usual. Interesting take with ML.

25 bravoVictor Nice broad set of challenges and skill levels

25 NZT A lot of challenges, not too hard, missed some harder blockchain challs

25 doxxedd great ctf. very well done

25 l4u23n7p Great challenges as always

25 frevadiscor Awesome set of challenges!

25 7Rocky Amazing

25 siunam Great CTF

25 Xpertize Great CTF as always.

25 sahuang Very decent set of challenges, maybe fewer ML next year.

25 Kabinet great ctf with a wide range of challenges

25 suds4131 Noice.

25 jusmistic_ Good challenge

25 samiko High quality challenges, learnt heaps

25 YangMin Competition in the first tier, highly recommended

25 Prodigy It was a great CTF with many different challenges from different categories. Great to improve and learn new stuff.

25 pan97 Great CTF with very instructive challenges

25 RezaSi great CTF as always

25 Khonsu Great infra, great and diverse challenges and great org. Really cool CTF overall :)

25 nicolas.bouzin1 Very nice ctf, challenges were level-varied and fun

25 7r0n great CTF as always!!

23 rw6 huge variation in both categories and difficulty

25 Onirique gud challs

25 lean Very nice ctf, well made challenges and not pepe

25 isHaacK Really Good Challenges

25 Nissen Excellent CTF as always, fun and interesting challenges of very high quality! Nice theme

25 XtraSonic Was interesting

25 c3lphie Amazing as always

25 pbrass Awesome set of challenges!

25 fanky Great quality CTF

25 neeagleism nice ctf

25 UnknownSilicon Great CTF! All the challenges were excellent this year

23 UnknownSilicon Great CTF! All the challenges were excellent this year

25 RocketRaccoon Quality CTF. Nicely organized, wide range of good challenges. Discord support, good community driven event.

25 incidrthreat Excellent CTF hosted by HTB. Awesome community!

25 Leoo Amazing CTF with really good challenges!

25 cyfun amazing ctf

25 Daanbreur Great Quality CTF

25 Asentinn Great organization and interesting challenges!

25 S1n1st3r Very difficult and realistic challenges, along with easier ones. They also have a wide range of categories.

25 matryochska great challenge

25 DerMichael Superb range of difficulty and categories, very well organized, nice discord, overall fantastic