Voting ended at: May 28, 2023, 2 p.m.

Weight after voting: 23.65 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 tabun-dareka high quality challs

25 hongwei123 Nice ctf, good challenges

25 kannkyo good

25 _sn0w_ some infra issues but otherwise nice

10 lktn ok

25 spikeroot Good CTF, reverse challs were pretty much funny :)

25 Onirique nice challs

25 funkyMonks1338 Great CTF

20 QzSG infra kept going down but otherwise ok

20 sha_dow good

25 Kabinet fun challenges, but server were very unstable

23 mapol Great CTF challenge and fun to solve, but the server problem is really annoying :(

25 SpaghettiMuffin Oops I forgot I entered this

25 SpaghettiMuffin Oops I forgot I entered this

13 Cyb3rSw0rd Infra was too unstable to participate in beginning, so we stopped. The challenges looked fun, so I'm giving half points

25 udalah Great CTF :)

25 toasterpwn Very fun!

25 KyleForkBomb ok

25 crazyman nice

25 SteakEnthusiast Fun

24 DenseLance Other than the frequent server issues and the questionable point system, the CTF was run smoothly.

25 hytracer fun ctf

1 Froxy ssss

25 Froxy nice ctf

25 Ark Great CTF

22 Angad11121 Had some issues with servers but very nice questions. (We didnt do much tho' :p)

25 Daanbreur +1

24 N4v4S Not stable servers.

24 zeyu2001 overall a smooth event except for some infra issues

25 nautilus great reversing and pwn challenges

24 Uz. Easy pwn, not stable server But Others are good :)

25 nasm great pwn challenges, but we except harder ones next time

25 jpalayoor very cool challenges!!

25 jpalayoor ???