Voting ended at: May 28, 2023, 1 p.m.

Weight after voting: 23.68 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 yos3f best

25 hel-makh Really good ctf, challs were fun and not that easy, learned a lot from it

25 Dimas_Maulana good ctf

25 zeski good

25 y0ung_dst good ctf.

25 mvedu fun

25 kannkyo good

20 mvedu Authors of the ctf described it as Beginner/Medium, we as a team saw it as rather difficult.

23 ashiri Nice CTF. Learned a lot

25 yos3f really had fun!

22 V0lk3n Verry nice CTF, pentest category wasnt really cool, more time spent on the VM setup than on the chall. But wdb was so good! I learned a lot

25 funkyMonks1338 A really high quality CTF

25 niresh Great challs with original solutions

12 sha_dow ~~~

25 veryloooong the re challenges are too hard lol

25 f0rk3b0mb nice

25 flocto fun ctf fun chals, admins a bit asleep but challenge quality was good enough to cover it

25 zizzix Absolutely loved it! Great CTF

25 udalah Great CTF :)

25 vintagemind Great CTF :)

18 devx00 Solid ctf. Fun and challenging.

18 vintagemind Good CTF for learning but more categories would've been better.

25 NalZE7 really cool

25 Froxy ]]]]]

25 Froxy

25 MatiasForti24 Great CTF. Would've nice to have more non-arch Reverse challenges

25 UnknownError235 Really fun CTF!

25 gusyaross nice ctf awesome tasks

25 Asaga that was fun i enjoyed ^^ thanks

25 TK757567 nice ctf learned alot

25 0xptrpaaan l9oraydis

25 zAbuQasem Good Challenges

25 mindFlayer02 Loved it. Nice challs, if only there was more variety in crypto.

25 quagmire good challenges

25 madkne good

25 aquahaze nice!

25 obmium challenging ctf, it was fun

25 jpalayoor very nice

25 redaoui It was fun and challenging

25 tetramur14 Good and serious set of tasks

25 Plankton_oJ nice NHL osint

25 lucky624 dead{1nter3st1ng_7Ask$_0n_pwn}

25 WR4TH good one but add forensics next time

25 Ori. keep up the good work

25 numo hard challenges

25 MarkBosco Good duration, fun people, unique takes on classic challenges.

25 V0lk3n Verry great event! Too hard for our team, but keep this difficulty, we will growth and come back!

25 Leoo Fun CTF!

20 m44lr0m is perfect for learn

25 mza7a It was very challenging CTF, good verity of challenges, was fun as well.

25 3dnan Good ctf

25 penguin It was a good CTF , challenges were fun and hard . GG

25 jgod0ragqwe Liked it