Voting ended at: June 11, 2023, 9 p.m.

Weight after voting: 24.42 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 Lorenzinco Gang


25 C3TUS ??

25 C3TUS ??

25 Sir_Bob Good CTF

25 Wrth Very cool CTF!

25 Wrth Very cool CTF!

25 S1mple gg

25 Mr1tYu nice ctf

25 5h4d0w Nice CTF, hopefully there will be more Rev next time!

25 ivanburgert Great CTF. Very fun.

11 M0kht4r gg

25 HurayraIIT good ctf!

25 wongyos Good

25 kusok gg

25 rob0011992 Super fun challenges and incredibly well run.

24 layka_ good as a first international experience

25 ACHUX21 ,

25 suvoni Very well-managed CTF. Great organizers and innovative challenges. Can't wait to play again next time!

25 S1mple gg

25 hweissi Great CTF, especially considering it's your first. Not too hard, high quality challenges. Looking forward to the next one!

25 mrBymax super cool CTF, well done!

25 Asaga that was fun

25 frevadiscor Really cool web challenges and wonderful ctf overall!

25 thanguyen165 great CTF

25 h4ckr4v3n awesome tasks

25 ashiri high quality CTF. stable infra. Challenges that demand you know the concepts, instead of just using a tool. Great job for a first attempt.

25 b0n0b0 Nice CTF, had fun with flagshop!

10 b0n0b0 Nice CTF, had fun with flagshop!

25 whyn0 very fun ctf, interesting and fairly intermediate challenges!

25 whyn0 very fun ctf, interesting and fairly intermediate challenges!

25 zenbassi very fun ctf, with interesting forensics and misc, including radio

24 H0N3YP0T Really well made CTF and very challenging, unfortunately for me no OSINT and only 1 reverse chall, keep going :))

25 SteakEnthusiast Super fun CTF, interesting chals

25 lucaatme nice intro to medium ctf, really enjoyed forensics

25 Solaris0141 all the questions are really well made keep it up

25 peszr Well done :)

25 feasto Fun ctf

25 nick0ve Nice ctf! Keep it up

25 MatteoPaier Great CTF! Nice forensics challenges

25 kangwijen Very nice

25 xenon nice!

25 warl0cker awesome challenges, what a nice ctf!

25 m44lr0m funny and perfect for learn

25 kalex Great challenges. Almost zero guessing. Container escape was great, but could use harder pwn.

25 5herl0ck Great CTF

25 Iderected Great one

25 5herl0ck Great CTF! Maybe add some OSINT challenges in the future?

25 SHAOCHI_LU good ctf

25 vintagemind fun ctf :)

23 1v4n-h3rn4nd3z great !

25 0xD10 nice challs

25 uncle_j4ck gg

25 Scorpio47 GG

25 0x157 Amazing ctf, was definitely fun . Amazing and unique challenges. Thanks to everything to the organizers !

25 0xnil Enjoyed every single out of it

25 lowlevel01 Deserves a high weight

25 ice_cream very fun CTF, mabye more rev next time

25 shelldawg great ctf

25 B-Boy_Pro nice crypto chall, learned lot

25 Leoo Really cool ctf with the right amount of challenges!

25 Titto Fun and challenging. ADD MORE REVs NEXT TIME PLZ

25 securisec

25 pa.nic Crypto was fun!

25 Untrue This was fun!

20 dp_1 Only one rev :/ Other than that, very nice ctf

25 r3tZy Fun CTF

25 sushi-gif Very funny

25 jgod0ragqwe Excellent!

25 MrNo0ne Great CTF

19 sc0la Very challenging ctf