Voting ended at: Dec. 11, 2023, midnight

Weight after voting: 24.67 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 Shynif Excellent CTF. Had that simple mix of fun and challenge with original challenges that are beginner friendly.

25 Shotokhan Nice difficulty range for challenges

25 TM_47 Good CTF

25 sn1per good ctf

25 c0nrad Very good CTF. Educational, few issues, quality chals

25 rskbansal New & interesting challenges

25 SpaghettiMuffin I love OSINT

25 r4j4_rj Good CTF

25 gdpr.1708281505.a2a6426f63491d it was a very good CTF with good crypto / rev / pwn challenges

22 XerwinXpl it was nice, a lot of challanges

22 XerwinXpl it was nice, a lot of challanges

25 axsius.exe Really good challenges. Looking forward to be part of it again in next year

19 er4pwn It was very good

25 Krzyttt Really nice

25 Freeranger Harder web next time pls

25 LiamoOo Very nice ctf, pls harder web next time

25 Blupper Nice challs, less osint next time plz

25 j4ckson4800 Thanks, flocto, now I can walk on water

25 bliutech Great CTF! Some really interesting CTF challenges. More web would have been nice.

25 RaindropBreeze Good

25 skuuk I enjoyed very much the arm pwn challs, and my team mates liked the ctf too. thanks guys, keep up the good work and see u next year :D

25 sparkysam5 Had lots of fun with Algo and Rev

25 its_just_jay_i_guess Some good beginner friendly challenges with a steady progression to harder ones. Really enjoyed it!

25 jaydens ?

25 Nightxade osint was painful, but awesome overall. great rev and crypto

1 jaydens bad ctf

25 es3n1n there were some really **weird** challs, but overall nice gj

25 poniponiponiponiponiponiponi Cool pwn even though i hate arm challs. Lots of challs, most were good, some bad ones but didnt destroyed the experience.

25 larrypir2 null_awe is goated