Voting ended at: Sept. 24, 2023, 4 p.m.

Weight after voting: 20.72 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 ameer Very good

25 0xdeadcafe great and interesting

25 HSUHSU great

25 RikiS nice ctf

20 koalajoe IR very cool, other categories mixed bag, noticable step down in quality from last year. A lot of guessing and weird scoring/structure

20 steiner8164 interesting experience

25 Nightxade Pretty nice contest :)

25 GingerArmy174 NIce CTF

25 0xhunter213

25 Io_no Good CTF

25 patriot.viii i like chalanges

21 smashmaster0045 Shockingly realistic IR, really really really fun!!! Other than that web and misc was a bit guessy and misleading at times


25 realexp3rt IR was 10/10

25 c0mm4nd_ pwn was nice

25 rx0f nice

21 andr3s Funny and Smart. Good job, boys.

25 BBQ fine overall

5 0x157 I'd suggest reading the difference between IR and Forensics. Plenty of resources out there.

5 Dysnome Cancer CTF. Lot of challenges were guessy, missleading notes + ambargo on WUs after the end of the CTF.

21 rudrakshacker Web challenges where guessy

25 Saiba_Shin quite difficult

25 TecatechAlpha Great pwn challenges!

20 HSUHSU good

25 CyR1en High quality CTF with fun challenges

25 AniRude Nice challs, Fun CTF

25 ckc9759 good

25 4runn nice challs

25 LoGAlex Crypto meh

25 Gley No comments...

25 h4rdf0nk amazing CTF, lots of experience!

22 QuQuK quite difficult but it was fun

15 larrypir2 ctf kinda sus ngl but not terrible

21 G0TH3R It was fun!

25 wikit1 good CTF!

25 atom. fun

25 SteakEnthusiast Solid CTF. Just wish incident response didn't require so many unlocks. Had flags for future steps that we couldn't submit :(

25 apoapsis solid ctf

14 ice_cream Very good ctf, i'd preffered more of main categories instead of incident responce

25 Moby Nice

5 molenzwiebel Misleading challenges, web without source, challenges hidden behind a single guessy challenge, crypto is guess the paper, etc.

25 nu11pointer Great CTF

25 aynkl GG

25 benjaminn Great CTF!!!!!

25 badboy_17 overall ok

25 yalatr3ch3 Good overall

25 chiko360 .

25 chiko360 as i participated in CSAW CTF for the last 5 years, i notice the quality of challenges is downgrading, i hope finals will be diffrent story

25 AlienX IR was cool

25 Titto Not the best CTF but deserves the 25 points

25 stuxf had problems but it's still csaw, blind web/guessy challenges, gated challenges in IR was a bit weird but IR was cool.

25 letmewin nice

25 kucka_mowku Good CTF

15 jackfromeast nice game

8 voxal ir was an interesting category but the other category's were lacking, either not enough challenges, or too guessy.