Voting ended at: Nov. 25, 2023, 11:59 p.m.

Weight after voting: 24.86 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


8 er4pwn dsa

25 feasto web was ok, very fun overall

25 sans_gg nice challenges

25 n1ghtmar3 nice challenges

25 comrade nice event with good amount of challenges

25 patriot.viii enjoyable challs of varying difficulty

25 mehmetcalim Educative and fun ctf

25 DanteVeil Enjoyed the event

25 sshubhamk1 Nice challenges

25 0xdadb0d Really cool challenges, learnt a lot of new things

25 0xdadb0d

25 afakename good options for all levels

22 Heitmann Varying challenge difficulty,

25 andr3s Very Good Challenges

25 MuMu Actually a awesome CTF, all challenges are interest and high quality, learn lots cool skill in this contest.

25 Orrr nice challs cover different range

25 1v0t great CTF

25 bliutech Nice range of challenges.

25 x86trace Pretty Cool CTF ^^

25 SlothIT Awesome event!

25 Dat2Phit Fun challs

25 MrFreddi007 Cool challenges, varying difficulties. Something for everyone. Really enjoyed this one!

25 Ckrielle fire

25 codefx interesting challenges

25 j4ckson4800 Funny gamehacking, sourceless web, simple enough crypto

25 D0pp3lgang3r simply great

25 hexacedimalhaxer very well event

25 FazeCT gg, nice event with good amount of challenges

25 0xhunter213

25 lonai q

25 Mythical_Beast Great CTF, great challenges

25 Krzyttt Nice

25 ctfguy nice ctf

25 es3n1n nice

25 Nightxade nice challenges, good crypto!

25 Onirique nice challs

25 securisec loved it

25 s1gm4 Very good and fun challenges

25 N0R37urn Nice challs

25 sahuang Nice one

25 ClownCS its oke nice