Voting ended at: April 14, 2024, 10 p.m.

Weight after voting: 41.41 / 42.000

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


40 dieryy good ctf

42 havel29 cool challs

42 ganbold13 .

42 rethinkrubiks beginner friendly with good challenges

42 arasaka nice banget

42 mocha_frappe Great ctf

42 Akio22 Overall great CTF with a mix of easy - hard, only a little guessing required on some chals.

42 Ramages I had a lot of fun, admins were helpful and handled the CTF well

42 semzuu cool tasks

42 D1r3_WO1f Good infrastructure and challenges

42 zimzi gg

42 mocha_frappe Nice CTF

30 T0RN4D0 Pretty awesome and standard CTF

42 Yokoso Good game

42 0xnil great ctf

42 Cromulent Great CTF!

42 _g0at_ GOOD CTF!


42 suvoni Good ctf

42 0x157 awesome ctf ! Had fun, thanks to organizers for hosting :)

42 shubuntu AWESOME CTF!!!

42 ckc9759 Nice

42 Freeranger Fun ctf!

42 LiamoOo Great CTF!

42 il_5ofach Really Enjoyed The CTF . Cool Tasks and Great Organization , also authors were there all the time for us in case of need

42 phreeek Really good CTF. We will join next year again.

42 D4NGLZ Yes, good. See you next year.

42 G3ph4z It was a pretty good CTF

42 Danatello1 good ctf

42 alemy126 Cool CTF. Good job!

42 NineTailedFox Great forensic challs, gg!

40 daffainfo less sourceless web chall pls :)

42 notmari I loved it! The challs were great for beginners.

42 Abu_ great CTFs, learnt a lot as always.

42 N0_Sp3c14l_Ch4r Very decent CTF. Approved!

42 daLeGa good game all in all. Kinda guessy tho

40 sn0ja cool ctf, crypto could get a little more love, lots of rev and pwn compared to other categories

42 digitalyoshixi hard rev

42 k.eii good

42 7sk.neko aboba

42 7sk.neko aboba

42 k41s33rrr good

42 ya.beda Hard ctf

42 Yokoso Ohh, thanks guys. Good ctf;)

42 sqweezik aboba

42 sqweezik aboba

35 Akio22 Overall great CTF with a mix of easy - hard, only a little guessing required on some chals.


42 Ra1ko Hard ctf. Good Cases

31 dieryy peak ctf

24 amal_ritessh great ctf

35 SteakEnthusiast Beginner friendly CTF. Fun challenges, wish there was less sourceless web challenges though. Only two crypto challenges too.

36 Some guessy chals, but overall good stuff :)