Voting ended at: March 10, 2024, 5 p.m.

Weight after voting: 23.91 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 stay_forever_amazing Funny CTF!

25 TheManusia wysi

25 amyasnikov Very Good! I like crypto, and i don't play OSU

25 fbad Decent challenges overall, nothing too niche. Had to install osu :(

25 Noamister too much osu in the challs, without the osu part, the CTF would have been way better (just make like 2 osu challs, not most challs).

25 medovsq good

25 tvdat20004 nice chall :v

25 Wrth very cool!

25 HydroHomie fun

25 chonkyNyan fun and interesting way to mix osu! and CTF themes

25 Cyb0rgSw0rd :)

25 mrgiloo good

25 whiterobber :)

25 Yemae Cool

25 oblivikram2002 :)

25 Ziptoexe It's was so challenging for non-OSU! players

25 raltheo :)

25 ottoboni Cool, creative, and very well made challs. Also, play osugame.

12 miles_ukr doesn`t adapted for non-osu players

25 LilliePlant Cool CTF with a lot of fun challenges

25 g0dwin0 fun times

25 Agalas nice unusual challs

25 minipif nice

25 thestranger enjoyable

19 mochaaP 727 727 WYSI WYFSI

23 lasep cool ctf. Ranges from beginner-friendly to advanced.

22 MK37 really nice and fun, didn't participate full time (i was mainly on vishwaCTF), a bit to much osu! (but kind of normal for a osu! ctf)

17 bug_ Pretty good, but toooooo many osu and absolutely all challenges connected to osu

23 Tiefsee Nice CTF, but too much osu!(even for normal osu! players)

25 wxx6 nice ctf

10 1v0t not friendly for non-osu players

15 ret should be friendly for non-osu players

21 psabatke Great event! Good for learning specific systems to exploit logic flaws. Which is what the humans are paid to do.

25 Reverse0 nice ctf

25 NOZi Very interesting tasks. Respect

24 Pinkiii3 Great CTF

25 Danatello1 good ctf

25 Caesar_99 Really good CTF! A lot of interesting challenges well variegated

20 R0stM Really cool CTF with interesting challenge, very well made !

25 Low_IQ .

25 Yokoso good challenges, thanks guys. respect+

25 Yokoso good challenges, thanks guys. respect+

25 Khavid Good challs

25 hartmannsyg cool ctf

23 strn very good challenges

25 k1ll50m30n3 nice

25 N0R37urn good challs

25 Tacoquito It has a soul, nice ctf

25 Ching367436 Enjoyable osu! CTF!

25 Ching367436 Enjoyable osu! CTF!

25 archv1le Interesting and enjoyable CTF!

25 reedus0 interesting ctf

21 TRUECELS_ONLY Fun and varied challenges

25 duckl1ng interesting

20 LighTender Nice CTF

25 CoinK0in Good CTF

25 W0red Great CTF and with the osu! univers just magic

25 Dacodhack Great CTF

25 OblivionLimbo A Nice CTF with a good mix of challenges

25 headache nice event

25 headache nice event

25 atastemi Very good

22 bre4dy Fun CTF, nice OSINT and web challenges themed around osu

25 lenaaaa very very cool event

25 JPex interesting challenges and learned a lot of new things

25 Budji Pretty cool ctf

25 g0dwin0 osu....

25 turboD13sel I don't know what OSU is

25 havel29 Cool ctf

25 egon Fun CTF, interesting challenges

25 ravener my first introduction to the world of ctf, it was fun, but wish the event was a little longer, too much to do with little time.

25 l0st_idi0t had a lot of fun

25 TheProtect0r Fun

25 xeunwa Great challs

25 ckc9759 Interesting and unique

20 tr4c3datr4il fun ctf

25 Emil_Olesen Nice well thought challs

25 atastemi Very good ctf

25 ctfguy interesting ctf

25 es3n1n nice one

25 x00byte Awesome CTF, great Web challenges.

25 xi4olin_h4x3r unique and very fun ctf

25 walkers Great CTF with a bunch of fun challenges!

20 iiNovaCore very fun, matched the theme very well.

24 TheEyeLid good ctf but if i don't play osu it is confusing

10 V0lk3n Too much around Osu game, some funny challenge but yeah i wasnt expecting a forensics or others about map game OUTSIDE the osu category

25 Dinlon5566 fun

20 bash2077 fun and comfy, fit for beginners to intermediate

25 noronha0333 My first ever ctf and it was really fun!

25 Dat2Phit Nice challs

25 downgraded yes

25 desp WYSI!11!!1!!

25 R0g3rXYZ Very fun, learned a lot about osu

25 daffainfo Good

25 smashmaster0045 Not enough Goose plushies, highly realistic challs, loved ML, OSINT, OSU category, and misc.

25 sqweezik Good

25 bliutech Fun CTF! Really quirky and some funny challenges.

25 OiY Good ctf

25 NiceAesth absolutely loved playing in this

25 s1gm4 Good and fun challs=))

13 s1gm4 Good and fun challs=))

25 howardong2604 Great