Voting ended at: March 2, 2024, 4 p.m.

Weight after voting: 24.70 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 Yokoso Gj

25 t4yl0r5w1f7 good ctf but very hard

25 RikiS gud ctf

25 mrgiloo Go Go

25 Tit@n Good challenges

25 DanteVeil decent

25 yahlialton Great CTF!

25 ap3nst0r3 nice

25 freddy645645 good

25 TheEyeLid gr8

25 madhav6ram nice

25 subfear L8

25 plazmamonkey good ctf. was fun

25 PingWin good ctf

25 Kr4k3nEU Hard CTF with challenging stages

25 bug_ Some troubles was but big respect to organizator

25 a7a good

25 miles_ukr Nice ctf

25 RagRocks Very good ctf

25 MrSher good ctf

25 itoid interesting pwn challs

25 lasep Beginner freindly, and some intermediate-expert challs.

25 MOR14R7Y Excellent CTF with quality challenges and responsive admin . Really appreciate a single person bringing out quality ctf

25 Cyberc0re good ctf

25 biu2 Great

15 ret tough but cool

25 sqweezik good ctf

25 k.eii good ctf

25 suvoni good ctf

25 0VN1 it was a good ctf

25 Ra1ko Good CTF

25 Danatello1 good ctf

25 Tiefsee good CTF

25 SuperUserDone Very fun challenge! Tough pwn and reversing challenges based on binaries breaking common tools.

25 RJCyber nice ctf

25 nosurf Difficult. They needed a welcome flag so they can see how many turned up and solved nothing :D

25 Reverse0 It's very hard

25 knrana08 really nice challenges

25 k.eii good ctf

25 rskbansal Challenging problems

25 headache interesting experience

25 fojW Best ctf in my life

25 turboD13sel norm ctf

25 Neox Awesome competition!

25 d33znu75 hard challs

25 rof1ch good CTF

25 g0dwin0 very fun CTF!

25 reguy hard rev challenges

25 Danibal34 Really fun CTF

25 D4RK_10RD good ctf

25 It3rator_I_bar3ly_know_h3r good comp

25 Hauntlight Really challenging for new entries! Nice community and ad in always online! Nice experience

25 Tr0phy challenging and fun

25 minipif Fun ctf, nice rev.

25 SyntaxSoup good ctf

25 Chepycou Really a CTF that gets you to think outside the box !

25 gravedweller very cool ctf many fun challenges rev was hard though

25 9x14S Best CTF we had in a while. The rev challenges were very cool

25 tavor good ctf

25 popisgod challenging and fun