Voting ended at: Feb. 17, 2024, 1 p.m.

Weight after voting: 30.17 / 37.500

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


13 Robin45 Some admins were quite disrespectful, only one pwn challenge (???), some were guessy and Infra was questionable at least

19 GanbaruTobi Some cute challenges, else annoying infrastructure, only one pwn and that one was lovlessly made (just any heap technique).

28 OfficialBenko Mostly good challenges, one extremely guessy osint challenge, Infra unstable at the beginning, and slow connection from germany.

37 0M@r_Sharaky The CTF was well-organized and the challenges were well-crafted, challenging and, in the same time, interesting

37 minipif good ctf

37 Tit@n Good challenges

37 Krak3n909 don't feel like it caters to new players

16 kazulhu nice ctf

20 OfficialBenko Average Challenges, some guessy. Weak infra, almost no connection from germany. Some Admins were friendly, others were not.

35 j4ck4l_ Nice ctf with good and some hard challenges

37 ZeroDayOwl The challenges were quite interesting! But the infrastructures need improvement.

23 Acelxrd95 Too much forensics

37 DanteVeil Problems were good quality.Infra had some issues for a few hours though.

20 suvoni Horrible infrastructure, challenges were generally decent but uninspired

37 ahmodykhiry very hard not for beginners

30 ClownCS cool

18 mashamw They was a lot of issues with the webstie throughout the event and they didn't have a super good contingency plan. Awesome questions.

37 havel29 nice challenges

10 kazulhu unstable at the beginning and

34 Dinlon5566 Forensics is fun

32 whiterobber Overall cool ctf, but infrastructure was unstable.

25 Kn0x I liked the Forensics, even though they were too guessy sometimes

37 1v0t nice

30 Tr0phy Overall cool ctf, but infrastructure was unstable.

14 7Rocky Nice

37 hamzaharoon good

37 Coolgolf Overall cool ctf

29 w0rmhol3 nice ctf, some can be guessy but overall great experience

19 bug_ Site in start was very bad.Some admins in discord are helpful, some no. Challenge was interesting and cool especially forensics

37 pr1alg0n Nice ctf

37 TheRealDarkCoder Need better infrastructure next year. Good challenges.

30 ret Too much forensics