Voting ended at: Feb. 24, 2024, 6:30 p.m.

Weight after voting: 22.42 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 AgentBigD. nice fun ctf

8 a.krontab Could get lucky guessing and pass some chals. Really disappointed in the flag values like "adolfhitlersrulesallthepeople"

8 a.krontab Could get lucky guessing and pass some chals. Really disappointed in the flag values like "adolfhitlersrulesallthepeople"

10 miles_ukr 123456789

23 _Fuze_ nice

18 subfear Not bad

25 D0pp3lgang3r cool

1 Dysnome Explicit content found in many challenges. Few examples: "scat porn", "adminanal", "adolfhitlerrulesallthepeople", etc. Reported CTF.

20 Cyb0rgSw0rd Good, and the devs put in work - just wish the problems were a bit more thought out or clearly stated.

25 TheEyeLid a

24 subfear good

25 Tit@n :

25 whiterobber nice

25 TMQrX nice

25 thestranger good challenges

25 pranav333 nice

25 1v0t nice challenges

21 MK37 Nice overall, really nice dfir, nice other challs, unfortunately some weird guessy challs

25 N0R37urn excellent challs

10 daffainfo The dfir category is good but the other category just pure guessing

25 itskarudo nice rev

25 kn1gh7 Nice!

12 bug_ so-so

25 banua Some challenge were guessy and difficulty on each category was not balance (ex: Category A and Category B). But overall good

22 exzettabyte nice dfir

25 popisgod nice

25 JPex very good CTF

21 ckc9759 Enjoyed it high class CTF, some challenges were guessy especially the OSINT was annoying.

20 7r45h not bad DFIR

25 minipif funny challs

23 redtrib3 mid

25 chample great ctf

20 kazulhu good ctf

20 Dinlon5566 ok

25 T0pN0xch fantastic dfir

25 oblivikram2002 good one

18 madhav6ram Guessy

25 sh@dow09 Great CTF!

25 Odin_1s_m3 nice challenges

25 Cyberc0re Good CTF

25 k1ll50m30n3 nice

25 Jurbas Nice

25 Jurbas Nice

25 NineTailedFox Gj nice ctf

23 ret cool dfir

25 3h0am1 Niiice

25 account nice challenges

1 OfficialBenko .

25 letmewin good overall

25 Delay_Lama Really good challenges

25 bluebottlewize DFIR was fantastic

25 afoolishman Really good clues.

25 NotAMilkshake Good challs

25 It3rator_I_bar3ly_know_h3r solid comp

25 Danibal34 .

25 Azure9733 Very nice

25 havel29 Cool ctf

25 DanteVeil Enjoyed the DFIR.Overall decent quality

25 4gh0gw4r7s really fun

25 whiterobber Good DFIR challenges

25 turboD13sel nice challs

25 Valvahen crypto game strong approved

22 amanbhandari01 ok

20 B4k3rY Good DFIR challenges

25 A1ia5 N?

25 Berserker2659 good challenge...

23 Choice Extremely interesting DFIR challenges.

25 gldanoob quality challs

25 RapidOrc121 Interesting CTF

25 AgentPWN Nice ctf, had great fun

25 snk4evr very esoteric yes

25 Wixter07 Hmm

25 9x14S Generating placeholder response...

25 lepnoxic nice

13 j4ck4l_ Nice

25 Yemae gj

25 lvert Loved DFIR.

10 CrispLake okay

25 Yokoso good job guys

25 C15C01337 nice challs :)

25 D4RK_10RD Bit guessy

25 dECRONIX Really good CTF. DFIR was one of a kind. Good chals.