Voting ended at: April 8, 2024, midnight

Weight after voting: 28.41 / 29.250

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


29 KristinnVikarJ ggs

29 Mixy1 yes

29 c99 The worst ctf I've ever played. Thanks for hosting, very enjoyable.

29 AmonRa Truly one of the CTFs of all time

29 audrey the (harder) rev was actually very good. cursed indeed

29 TheMaverick cursed!!

29 G4ND4LF101 pay2win + so cursed that now i need to pay an exorcist to remove the curse + tf is rev?

20 ivanelgran pay2win

20 ivanelgran pay2win

29 nullableVoidPtr cursed challs, cursed solves <3

29 JJJollyjim w

29 AVDestroyer CTF has started.

29 arcblroth cursed

29 toasterpwn Oops

29 fbad truly a deepfried & cursed ctf, thx for making it a unique experience, but could tone it down a BIT with the osint >:(

29 fbad c?urse?d ct?f, little too much o?sint but fun ove?rall, thx for making it a uni?que experien?ce

29 Scoop bad ctf, only osint and bad admins :(, just here for the points

29 Scootzh The most cursed CTF you'll ever find.

29 mza7a good CTF, fun and cursed challenges, worthy of the name cursedCTF

29 N0R37urn excellent geoint's challenges

29 Quackers711 Best CTF of the year!

29 muntasirarin really really cursed

29 salvatore.abello I agree with Titto.

28 Divsonar-Holden So cursed

24 toasterpwn I traded a Tshirt for a flag. ???

29 Titto Real shit

29 Yokoso really cursed ctf

29 Lelle the level of cursedness in this event was truly impressive. Even the impossible and 27 geoguessr problems don't do the cursedness justice

29 hel-makh very cursed challs, loved it

29 chillz Perfectly cursed, just as advertised

29 12throckyou If there was an ISO for CTFs, it should be based on this.

29 obmium it was cursed

29 meme-lord cursed as advertised