Voting ended at: June 22, 2024, 4 p.m.

Weight after voting: 47.78 / 51.000

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


51 1v0t awsome

51 havertz2110 hard

51 Divsonar-Holden Fun ctf

35 Fasnon Relatively good CTF, good spread in challenges, some challenges were guessy

51 PHP-DK Great spread in difficulty. Something for everybody. And plenty of the easier ones.

51 hhhkb learned many things. very nice

51 anhshidou fun

51 DropKnock it was pretty good

51 Den_loob Fun ctf with great pwn challs, interesting crypto and a cool pyjail

51 fooker

36 Krzyttt Bit guessy

51 Tit@n Good challenges

45 elliop_sh it was fun

51 0x3af72 gg

51 nfldty good ctf

51 atastemi Good

9 zeptoide a bit guessy and bad infra, otherwise great ctf, definitely not 50 weight tho

20 zeptoide a bit guessy and bad infra, otherwise great ctf

51 Holl0w many of the tasks were very unusual

51 DeezSecc Loved it.

51 ph4n7 Great challenges

51 Yjc Fun ctf

1 botsdimitrovichbotsboyebik no bight weight for you

51 ctfguy interesting crypto and rev challs.

51 CygnusX-26 very fun

51 AkaniX3 fun ctf

51 MuslimFromPk af;lahf

51 larrypir2 gg

51 itoid great ctf

49 RJCyber Taking 2 pts off because of the last forensics :/ Otherwise, fun ctf.

51 Fujimori.Zeta good one

51 stuxf fire ctf