Voting ended at: April 21, 2024, 10 p.m.

Weight after voting: 29.81 / 36.750

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


36 b1dlan nice pwn tasks)

36 KernelKrise Interesting, creative and high-quality tasks

36 sqweezik was cool

36 miles_ukr Very good ctf)

36 Summit cool ctf

36 patriot.viii Really high-quality tasks except smuggler.

25 bquanman

36 ckc9759 Good

36 Nightxade awesome ctf!

10 _g0at_ /

36 133go7as good event

36 It3rator_I_bar3ly_know_h3r very fun

36 sqweezik cool

36 yemae Good

36 1n4ct1v3 Nice ctf for people doing first time

8 daffainfo Guessy

31 k.eii its a good ctf but too many guessy chall, and some problem on the web category

27 dan_the_snowman Kinda guessy web problems, some experience and intuition required to solve them

36 archv1le Great challenges, especially Jabba's place)

32 Syscaller Awesome CTF with medium to hard difficulty. We really liked the forensic and the RE challenges.

36 k41s33rrr nice

36 atastemi Nice ctf

34 ancid hard

34 amal_ritessh its was a good ctf

36 Yokoso Nice one

36 itoid Good CTF

36 Halston nice