Voting ended at: Feb. 25, 2024, 7 p.m.

Weight after voting: 23.13 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 OneTeck very interested

25 Danatello1 good ctf

25 thomillion123 Nice challs

12 QWKA0 Its nice competition all we interesting

25 maheshwari.raghav124 good ctf

25 Reverse0 ok good challenges

24 lolsalat Creative Challenges, beginner friendly, A lot of stego, no pwn challenges

25 _Fuze_ good ctf

25 RagRocks Nice CTF with good challenges

25 Cyb0rgSw0rd :)

25 DanteVeil Very Beginner Friendly

25 TheEyeLid T'was fun

23 r3plican Good , but need improvement.

10 7r45h forensics challenges are stego

25 T0pN0xch beginner chall , fun

25 mulkinh I like I like

25 DarkOm3ga Very good ctf

25 _us cool

25 InimicalX Great ctf

25 Pamdi Fun OSINT challenges

25 darthlazius Quite a learning experience

25 maheshwari.raghav124 Awesome ctf some pretty unique and interesting challenges

25 knrana08 NOICE

25 darthlazius Nice ctf

25 rskbansal Loved the crypto challenges

25 Yemae very good

25 Yokoso cool

10 daffainfo It's a good CTF if you're beginner, but there are some challs that don't fit into the category (Like crypto on osint and forensic on web)

5 LoLo average

25 minipif good ctf

25 lonai Really nice ctf

25 thestranger beginner friendly fun ctf

25 alemy126 Nice challenge and good learning resources

25 rajindu0x Nice challenges. Thanks for the amazing learning resources too!

25 T0pN0xch great chall, gotta think like beginner sometimes, and admins were cool tho

25 SHAOCHI_LU Very excellent, perfect educational CTF

25 k.eii Good CTF

25 Low_IQ +rep

25 ckc9759 Creative challs, liked it, can be made a little less guessy !

25 thomillion123 Nice challs

22 Luppole cool ctf

25 Luppole Very creative challenges

25 krauq Fun ctf, on the easier side with many beginner problems but still some hard problems to solve

25 popisgod cool ctf

25 miles_ukr Very good ctf. There are tasks for beginers and nice admins

24 bug_ Very nice challenges and admins, but crossword...