Voting ended at: July 14, 2024, 9:30 a.m.

Weight after voting: 88.71 / 100.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


100 D4RK_10RD great ctf

70 Ark Nice CTF, but many tasks for beginners

1 suvoni Amazing CTF, please bring back the Hardware category next year!! Rated 1 to balance it out, this CTF should be 70-80

100 anangappara excellent osint

100 aly1xbot hard

100 TheQuickBrownFox nice one!

100 ChatGPTsProblem Awesome CTF learnt loads team was fantastic


80 ivan123 Great CTF, had to go back to the jungle though because I'm a bad cook. Difficulty distribution was solid, had a lot of fun

1 Minei3oat Nice CTF with interesting challenges on beginner and mostly intermediate level. Rated 1 for balancing, as difficulty was more like ~70.

100 mbukuzdulu Cool and well-prepared CTF. A lot of fun, funny and nice animals like emu etc included in the content

90 pshegger -

100 berndoJ Absolutely awesome CTF and nice range of challenge difficulty. Some for beginners, some very very hard and a lot of fun!

100 skogens_konung Great CTF, awesome graphic design. Fun mix of challenges, perhaps some of the beginner challenges little hard. But overall awesome event!

100 Cl4r1ty awesome ctf

100 zhsh Great CTF.

100 sachi great ctf, awesome staff

100 1v0t Great CTF

95 crazyman great ctf!

100 deltabluejay Great CTF. My second year playing and is consistently well done with a variety of challenges in area and difficulty.

100 v1k1nghawk Incredibly funny CTF, memorable design & storylines, enjoyable tasks from different areas & of varying complexity. Back to the Jungle :)

100 quasar0147 amazing

100 kerszx you deserved it

100 Cyb0rgSw0rd Consistently one of the best in the world.

100 Elenkar Awesome and well-organized CTF. Efficient support.

100 Yjc Very fun ctf

100 Yakisoba even the easy challenges are comparably difficult compared to the hard challenges of other ctfs

100 ouuan nice and fun challenges

100 zeptoide nice staff

100 mud-ali great range of difficulties

100 ckc9759 Nice ctf

100 kvasilek great ctf, will play it again

100 moeridoe great range of difficulty, many beginner-friendly challenges and very well organized

100 skuuk fun and high quality ctf for beginners and intermediate players alike

100 cvetoslav 10/10 organisation, support and difficulty balance

100 marti201 Very nice CTF with interesting and well thought out challenges

100 1aadiez great ctf

100 mechfrog88 CTF which organizers put in great effort

91 skoriop Really nice set of questions with an surprisingly wide difficulty range, great experience overall

100 L00T8R1N93R Great experience

82 ad1tya2 good balance of new and old stuff, decent fun overall

100 ZackBudai Awesome CTF

100 nosurf Best CTF of the year, every year <3

79 5hun Fun CTF

100 H1GH_N00N_TW1TCH Good ctf

100 vjz3r all good

91 kerszx One of the best CTFs.There were a lot of tasks for beginners and they were difficult.Very good organization,lots of humor.I'll be back here.