Voting ended at: June 2, 2024, noon

Weight after voting: 24.39 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 hamzaharoon good osint

23 Darkimoo GGWP

25 sold@null nice osint

18 miaoaixuan good game

25 Korkiii fun ctd xd

25 Acters Great mix of easy challenges as appetizers, and advanced challenges to test your skills.

25 sqweezik good

25 AxCyX Nice Forensics

25 Ap3nst0r Excellent challenges. Loved the Hardware-RF ones!

25 atastemi Good

24 Stealthy excelent

25 g4b0_ very good challs

25 havel29 cool challs

25 hoangnguyendt02 ok

25 Daras Really great ctf

25 9x14S Maximum 140 characters. All fields are mandatory

25 fy0dor very nice

25 ivan123 Great ctf

25 void504 Challenging yet beginner friendly. Had a lot of fun.

25 Rez_ Good ctf, accessible for beginners

25 samaqlo very good challs

25 Rin_l0v0l Good ctf, nice challs, osint challs are the best

25 medrupaloscil Nice one with some fun challenges. Accessible for beginners

25 shin great CTF

25 Asta Great CTF

25 k41s33rrr amazing

25 Yokoso Good

25 yemae Good ctf

25 Zaua Very good challs

25 warlocksmurf Unironically one of the best CTFs this year, forensics had alot of unique challenges from Jenkins forensics to visualizing raw data.

25 yos3f good ctf!

25 Kashmir54 Great CTF, medium level, great complexity, many categories, great infra and admins. Keep up the good work.

25 hel-makh really good CTF and good quality challs

25 lukaszs0 Nice web challenges

23 Xyloo Very nice

25 pwntula Absolutely worth solving

25 kerszx Great CTF. Hard and medium tasks. Good luck

25 1n4ct1v3 good enough

25 1n4ct1v3 good enough

25 yarm Enjoyed the challenges, made me sleep deprived, I like it

25 Adarshkrdubay Nice one

25 3dnan really enjoyed this one.

25 obmium nice challenges

25 jotone Nice forensic challenges

25 1v0t aswom challs

25 FeeDz nice

22 skarthikeyan046 good ctf covering many aspects

25 neptune1212 Very interesting

21 den1z19_ Great CTF! There were some minor issues, but the admins were very responsive and helpful, fixing them quickly. Overall, it was a great.

25 MrNo0ne Great CTF, variety of challenges and difficulties, and responsive admins. Awesome

25 taaae really fun challenges

25 N0R37urn excellent challs

25 hemiol14 It was great! Thank y'all!

25 hamzaharoon good geoint

25 CUDACUDA Nice challenges! Funny tasks

22 Doc_Snibble Cool Challenges.

25 zeptoide awesome challenges

25 M411K It was a very cool and exciting ctf ngl, shotout to the hardware guys

25 mza7a good quality challenges, we had fun playing this CTF.

25 G4ND4LF101 Nice

16 haxxr Really good CTF, I have learnt a lot

25 Relwarc17 Nice challenges.

25 Scoop really well done, with balanced challs

25 ckc9759 good

25 null_byte_ 1337

25 pa.nic really fun CTF with lots of different challs

25 ph4n7 you know a ctf is a great ctf when you learn something new. thanks guys, this was the best ctf I played in a long time.

25 z3r0_k3lv1n Interesting challenges

25 salvatore.abello Loved the pyjails. Organization could have been better.

25 respawnRWhatever Props to the team, damn good CTF, nice challs with good infra.

25 x00byte goodie

25 stecca So much fun

25 D4n33l Really good, with hard challenges

25 ShellUnease Interesting challenges

25 campa1102 Nice challenges!

25 c0mm4nd_ Pwn was nice, good infra

25 kalex Cool challenges, but organization was lacking.