Voting ended at: June 4, 2024, midnight

Weight after voting: 82.50 / 100.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


16 HIGHer good ctf

100 sqweezik good

100 EnterGodMode good fp

100 strellic unbalancing out the balancing out. long live angstrom

100 terjanq balancing out balancing outs

100 K9t kinda good

90 tommy-kay Decent CTF

1 Minei3oat Fun CTF with challenges of very easy to intermediate difficulty that probably should have a weight in range of 30-50. Voted 1 for balancing.

100 RezaSi Best

1 Jafar The CTF weight should be around 30-40, but I have to vote 1 to balance the it! weight means difficulty not quality DEFCON is 77!!

1 SteakEnthusiast Fun ctf, but weight is very inflated. Also static scoring + changing point values mid ctf was cursed. Balance the weight!

60 Aryt3 Was not an easy CTF but compared to others I would same it was in the range 50-70

100 InferiorAK naish

91 Nounoursdestavernes Some challenges were very hard but first ones are accessible

100 N0R37urn excellent challs and infra

100 SpeedyCyclone really good event, enjoyed!

100 ckc9759 Nice

85 paczkaexpres Very good CTF with wide range of different difficulty challenges

80 zavinator Good ctf

100 Chessmaster Best ctf for beginners!

100 AhnMaph it was pretty good tbh

100 Tit@n Excellent ctf

80 zeosutt great, but 100 is too high for difficulty

100 Jerrythepro123 hard but fun

100 Yewolf It was hard but not impossible, we struggled a bit on the hardest challenges which were not our specialty. Also no issues on the infra :D

100 es3n1n rev ?☠️

99 newton great mix of easy&hard challlenges. Well done!

70 MuslimFromPk Nice one!

100 bliutech Amazing CTF! I can't wait to play Aplet123 CTF 2025!

100 quasar0147 100 but please put aplet back into his cage and throw away the key. Only feed him when he makes challs.

100 jpalayoor good ctf

100 stuxf owo

100 stuxf owo

80 sahuang Great quality, mix of easy to difficult challenges. Improved a lot from last edition. 80 is a reasonable rating imo.

100 larrypir2 goated ctf, deserves 100 weight just for aplet