Voting ended at: May 16, 2016, 3:30 a.m.

Weight after voting: 37.88 / 45.000

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


30 offw0rld good

45 comfortablydumb Getting better every year, congrats.

45 concolicC good

21 Jackyxty good challenges but still many guessing

45 TouF good ctf with pretty hard challenges

45 beched 123

45 delimitry Nice CTF, good challenges!

45 aagallag Lots of fun, the pwn challs were really hard!

20 cryptator .

45 EPG

45 icchy few guessing, nice web tasks

25 Matir Lots of guessing in forensics, but nice web challs.

30 superbacker

45 anderbw Interesting and challenging. Diverse too.

20 cebrusfs Too many guessing crypto task

45 concolicC nice, but hard!

30 leopoldinelolcat a good one, worth 35 for me.

35 vient Reverse was horrible, btw nice CTF

45 mathboy7 nice, KERNEL Exploit and Variable Crypto challenge

45 antoniovilarinholopes nice ctf!

45 niklasb nice one

45 beched diverse challenges

1 Delirium

45 havocmage Very good.

25 Murmus Solid challenges, but point values seemed all over the place.

45 hvardhan Interesting challenges in all categories

45 Dacat Great CTF this year!!!

45 l33tb4nana Zaaz

45 MrMugiwara Goog ctf

45 MrMugiwara Nice challenges

45 laxa Really enjoyed this CTF, tasks were really interesting.

45 l33tb4nana Good

20 h0twinter Too many guessing involved in misc and forensics.

45 WhiteLightning No downtimes. Quick reactions. Tasks. Respected flag format. Different categories from beginning. No login issue. No GTF.

45 hydrogenBomb Nice CTF

45 babyphdteam Good as expected.

44 nomeaning Very good CTF! Especially, crypto problems are very fun!

45 Damonsson One of the best CTFs in this year. Clear and hard tasks. Web tasks (if any) were down for max 30 seconds, amazing admins!

30 disconnect3d Interesting challanges

45 disconnect3d Interesting challanges

45 stypr Great CTF, overall challenges were good. Scoring seemed to be properly managed. Admins on IRC were kind in general.

45 drdr Very nice organization. Fast replies on IRC. Nice tasks with a diverse level of difficulty. Thanks!

45 sml555 Was a nice CTF with a LOT of thinking!

45 solarwind Nice ctf, as always. Thank you!