Voting finishes at: Nov. 4, 2016, 8 p.m.

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


60 f4lrik It was interesting

60 codelec nice

60 p199y.bird Nice challenges

60 Isaac inspiring

40 mkulakov average tasks, some challenges with guessing

60 jonasbb Fun CTF, great challenges with a nice progression of difficulty through the challenges.

30 sudhackar easy problems!

50 kaydoubleu nice CTF with a lot of great challenges :) though no real crypto challenges... :/

40 bongtrop Nice problem but no crypto ( T T )

45 factoreal Thanks to orgs for good tasks, but I didn't see any crypto challenges :)

60 int10h Awesome. Creative, fun problems and good gradation from easy to really hard

60 kara71 Great CTF, amazing challenges. Chall weights were weird though

50 _bl4de Very good CTF; cons: time (middle of the week)

30 Yacine101 An average CTF

60 plonk Tor challenges were a good idea

60 nikhil96sher Great CTF with innovative category of FBI

60 Aliga Good CTF

60 shishirjindal fun

60 .dk. Fun CTF

60 Lemondogs WP

60 saruul good

60 rEa good1

60 cryptator Fun CTF :)

50 Specter Good CTF (Fixing last low vote didn't mean to vote that low, not sure if this will work)

60 K3lv1n This is a very GOOD CTF! Very funny challenges!

60 gkrishna Nice set of challenges!

60 tnc Excellent CTF, congrats

60 tchiwak An excellent CTF with originals challs.

30 Specter CTF was challenging and enjoyable.

60 andre_smaira Excelent CTF. With good challanges and not impossible.

60 lionaneesh Best CTF this season. Thanks!

60 gnx Best and most creative CTF of this year. Thanks NULL Life!

60 romanSil fun ctf!

60 wolvg Well organized, good challenges

60 hkr gud

50 gsingh93 Pwn wasn't very good, but everything else was fun

60 Nice.

60 nazywam Liked the idea of fbi challs

50 giosch Some challenges were trivial to run on local, but fun ideed

60 giosch Very fun

25 cebrusfs Some task need guessing....but better than before.

50 leopoldine.lolcat Great task diversity

60 Hertz Well done!

60 Abdelkader Best CTF in 2016 season until now, good job and thanks to all organizers !

50 q3k Very solid CTF.

60 Pharisaeus hacklu got almost 60 and this was better

60 solarwind nice, thank you