Voting finishes at: Nov. 13, 2016, 11 p.m.

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 Hertz Worth.

25 icchy awesome

25 nomeaning Good CTF. However some crypto problems are guessing.

25 crayontheft good ctf

25 bongtrop Nice CTF

25 no_name Excellent CTF, great challenges, responsive team running it

25 fxrh Awesome CTF, interesting challenges

25 valis A lot of interesting challenges (especially pwns). Responsive orgs. All in all a great ctf, definitely > 25.

25 Dan great ctf

25 byteshredders Overall fun ctf, needed to do more steps to solve than other CTFs, There was some guessing involved. A nice Theme, BTW. This CTF deserves mo

25 matbrik great!

25 saruul good1

25 azakhii .

25 kaydoubleu great CTF. interesting & diverse challenges from different categories. points fit more or less the difficulty. would deserve more than 25 po

25 nikhil96sher Overall fun ctf

25 lassimus great ctf

25 Chashtag nice

25 digehode Lots of fun. Technical skill plus detective work!

25 akrasuski1 A bit of guessing involved, especially in forensics, but othere tasks made up for it.

25 J0S great ctf

25 xine this should be rated higher than 25 it was the best one ive done in 2016

25 vipassana trick and fun

25 shishirjindal cool

25 shishirjindal nice

25 tr0gd0r the definitely put some work into problem creation - very challenging

17 PliScio ...

25 lionaneesh Definitely a >25 CTF.

25 higunwoo It was great

25 scoutrpn Fun

24 Pyhscript great design

25 mandlebro Great ctf - nice storytelling and challs

25 xrust great CTF

25 nambiarshiva Nice set off challenges, admin and infra :)

25 laislo .

25 fwilson42 interesting and challenging problems, nice theme was definitely a bonus

25 tono Weekend of fun and learned a lot from the challanges

25 zerosum0x0 the theme and challenges had me cracking up the whole time

25 Yacine101 Very hard and tricky ! We were too close in many challenges but never go the flag .

25 FFCrewCTF Excellent, tricky challenges. Fun (but scary) theme!

25 gigajum nice challenges, but too much guessing to get a start

5 Specter Site kept going down, challenges like pwn 100 were completely broken, challenges barely made sense. Cool concept - bad execution.

25 APN-Pucky Nice variety of challenges and interesting interface, but a little to much downtime. (backup-servers were nice)

25 gkrishna Excellent challenges!

25 lpfwr nice one

25 reap- some difficult.. some easy... some guessing.

25 anarh1st47 .

25 grocid Overall nice challenges. Organizers were quick to reply in irc.

25 JLLiS Really nice challenges...


25 Hunt Quite a tricky CTF, but very enjoyable

10 hellman Too much guessing.

25 Hypersonic Lots of fun, good spread of challenge difficulty.

25 kara71 Great CTF idea, challenges were fun. Definitely worth more than 25pts.

24 HorseEgg Good Challenges, Fun interface, 10/10 would participate again

1 n0n3m4 That pwn300 with its *SURPRISE* RELRO (as no binary was available) sucks as hell. Stopped there as my butthurt was way too big.

25 agixid A lot of challenges ! Good quality. Fun interface.

25 awe nice challs

15 sudhackar okay challs

11 sudhackar okay challs

7 noraj Pictures forensics => Steganography, TOPKEK Cryptography => Misc, + guessing = crappy CTF

25 gnx Very good!

25 rEa good challs

20 bongtrop Funny forensic

25 laxa Great CTF, clearly deserves more than 25 rating. Really challenging and enjoyable tasks

25 _bl4de Good CTF

10 gsingh93 Way too much guessing. Underspecified problems. Crappy site.

25 K3lv1n Funny CTF

25 plonk Definitely playable, bit too much guessing involved on the Forensics side though.

25 Pharisaeus Really high quality tasks. Small technical issues, but still worth even more than 25.

25 giosch Fun, but some pwn had too few points.

25 marcof all challenges were fun, awesome scoreboard, trump won.