Voting ended at: Nov. 19, 2016, 7 p.m.

Weight after voting: 76.13 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 georg Really nice attack-defense CTF.

25 gigajum great ctf, good improvements to last year, vpn and network stable

25 paulch Good CTF attack-defence CTF, but tasks are still unbalanced (exploitation takes much more effort than simple DOS) and checkers fail a lot.

25 bitwave Very good CTF

25 henning Good CTF. Minor problems with flag submission and a service which was declared down despite being fully exploitable (sadly not communicated)

1 J0S Nice CTF but not worth 100, so 1 for balancing. And defence worth far too less compared to offence

1 Nurfed Nice CTF but not worth 100, so 1 for balancing.

1 kt but... it does not worth 100 weight, so I am balancing here. Look for my real vote below.

65 kt Infrastructure and services were stable enough. Challenges were OK. It's good to see online A/D CTFs.

25 NetrixX Great CTF!

25 asterite

25 Pharisaeus There is some point inflation going on lately... Worth 60-70, voting less to offset the score.

1 antoniovilarinholopes Great CTF, one of the few attack-defense and very good. However not worth 100, 1 to level.

25 illustris <3

25 hellman Solid Classic CTF! Surprisingly stable. From cons maybe not so clear scoring and slightly boring services. Also HTTP is annoying.

25 kyprizel doesn't worth 100

25 0xZAQ This is RuCTFe

25 wolvg There should be more CTFs like RUCTFe! Awesome!

25 crayontheft excellent

25 abeaumont awesome

25 marcof Best atd ctf

25 kitsu Totally awesome

25 giosch .

97 giosch .

25 solarwind thats cool, attack-defense and online. should be more ctfs of such kind

25 KnotGud pretty fun

25 tono Awesomeness as usual

25 niklasb 10/10 would pwn again