Voting finishes at: Dec. 25, 2016, 2:30 p.m.

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


50 trendkiller2012 Good

48 mkulakov Good average ctf but not great. Some tasks were disbalanced and low quality (for example Reverse 100/150)

50 rafael_p Great ctf

35 akrasuski1 Ah, disregard my previous vote, misclicked CTFs. This one was OK.

20 akrasuski1 Not a bad CTF, but pwns were almost identical, and some tasks were low quality.

50 abird1404 some challenges were hard. but in overall it was good event.

52 famildoor interesting challenges

52 madHatter awesome ctf

20 salls People are rating this way too high. This was not a top tier ctf. Some good challs, but too many uninteresting and easy ones.

52 afonsotfaria21 awesome

52 irpythontools fun contest

52 kaydoubleu awesome CTF :)

52 laxa Pretty nice CTF.

52 offw0rld nice

51 knightsir great CTF.

52 saddeqs cool

52 gigajum nice challenges

52 S444n nice

52 1amtom had fun

52 L0rdComm4nd3r great CTF. interesting challs. Early votes were maxed out at 37 (1.5*25) rather than 52 (1.5*35). Some manual adjustment should be applied.

52 shishirjindal nice

51 lionaneesh Nice ctf

52 X4mp nice fun and good challenges

52 verr nice, interesting & intense. sometimes the flag format did not match.

52 solarwind nice

52 asw cool variety of challenges

52 myfirebird2002 good

52 Execut3 Challenging CTF... :)

52 P4R54 nice again

52 krzywix Great CTF, had a great time playing it.

52 lpfwr good.

52 nazywam Challs were pretty fun

52 empoly nice

37 maro Thanks for making it

37 1amtom good game

37 krzywix Had a great time playing this CTF.

20 valis Too many unimaginative challenges (e.g. 4 of 5 pwn were same basic fmt string vuln with only slight variations). Low fun factor.

37 cryptator Fun challenges!

20 salls Good not great

35 kopi-c Some of the easier challenges were too easy, overall a lot of challenges

37 Voorivex Nice

37 gigajum nice challenges

37 asw cool variety of challenges

37 afonsotfaria21 awesome

19 tenflo Nice but too much challenges

30 TMT good.

37 pandagroup Nice challenges

37 pandagroup Nice challenges

37 X4mp awesome

37 Nhoya funny and high quality tasks

37 vitmalkin Good level of tasks

37 laxa Good ctf

37 Pharisaeus Quality tasks with some hard challenges :)

37 Pwn17 very good

30 Ghaaf :)

37 verr nice, interesting & intense

37 lionaneesh Nice challeges but a bit more balance is needed.

37 P4R54 nice challanges

37 solarwind nice