Voting ended at: April 2, 2017, 3 p.m.

Weight after voting: 25.12 / 34.650

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


15 vient not so bad, but nothing outstanding

34 beched like for crypto, dislike for instability ;)

34 L0rdComm4nd3r Nice and diverse CTF. A good performance overall.

34 mkulakov better that last year, some weights of challenges are unbalanced

34 buzz2lite YEE

34 madHatter fun

10 paulch quite poor level of pwn tasks, format string each year, obfuscation in second one used from previous year

30 david942j Pwns are OK but too easy, reverses are well, not good web and crypto

25 negasora not too hard, but fun challenges

1 n0n3m4 The previous year was outstanding, this one is disappointing.

1 Rumata888 Nice crypto, reverse and web tasks. But the weights of challenges are extremely unbalanced and the handling of telemap incident was catastro

34 f4lrik gj

4 Valid Very strange organizers

34 simenbkr Cool and challenging CTF.

34 yual good work

34 gkrishna Challenges were good

34 0xd13a Challenging CTF, it was fun.

34 reamb goodd

34 jiigee Interested!

25 noraj nice CTF but not so much categories

32 IVAN_geek great ctf but don't have time to play it

32 itsZN Good ctf with some interesting challenges. I wish there was more pwning, but the web challenges were good (not as much guessing as other ctf

25 _bl4de Good CTF, interesting challenges

20 0xGuy cool ctf

30 offw0rld ctf sympa, quelque problèmes cette année, mais bon.