Voting finishes at: Dec. 31, 2016, 2 p.m.

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


65 mkulakov High quality ctf, one of the best ctfs in the year. Unfortunately it is middle week ctf :( To people who vote 100: note that Defcon Final w

100 nomeaning few ppc and crypto problems but they are fun

100 vient nice stuff

90 samuirai Very creative and unique challenges! But some web challs were broken and had easy solutions. Would CTF again.

80 icchy good chals but unbalanced

100 Rev great event!

100 ACCU53R Keep deleting my votes, Kyprizel (LC/BC member trying to manipulate the rating). I'll give a handkerchief to you and take this case to reddi

80 lionaneesh Pretty good CTF. Nothing short of what we expected. But I still think it should be rated around 80/100.

90 hhc0null Good ctf but too many pwn!

70 factoreal too many pwn tasks and few crypto challenges, thanks to orgs

100 TouF hard, and fun !

98 jagger tricky, tricky :)

98 jagger tricky, tricky :)

100 q3k Another very solid CCC CTF. Perhaps a bit of an unbalance towards pure pwn challenges - but all had an interesting twist to them.

100 mr.mobman Hard!!

100 draj Very solid.

90 q3k Another very solid CCC CTF. Perhaps a bit of an unbalance towards pure pwn challenges - but all had an interesting twist to them.

100 ACCUS3R BECHED, your team did not play, why you are voting? This fucking voting system always allowing manipulations. =/

100 pixis Great difficult CTF

100 Andreas Sad jealous Putin shills, this CTF was best.

2 BECHED lol, just for the balance of the universe =))

100 offw0rld great ctf

100 ACCUS3R Oh God, LC/BC is crying, someone give them handkerchiefs. ;)

5 briskly Don't make CTFs during holidays

100 ACCUSER Don't worth 100? Why random n00bs can vote here? This voting system is BROKEN! I will be here to accuse you, open your eyes.

1 karma1122123 Not worth 100

70 noraj great

30 hellman Too few crypto :(

80 grimmlin Very nice ctf

100 madHatter Learned alot while trying ^^.

1 Dor1s What a madness to host a CTF during work week between Christmas and New Year, wtf... Is it for nolifers or what?

100 jaybosamiya Learned a whole lot. Great CTF :)

80 rooney Not very nice Crypto and Forensics too much pwn-based

100 h0twinter Very nice CTF

100 Ameer Learned new stuffs :)

95 bruce30262 nice quality

100 winw Very good CTF!

100 vic511 Great CTF :)

100 laxa Probably the best CTF, I have played

100 thotypous should be 150

100 dbaser awesome!!!

80 inf Awesome CTF

100 nazywam Had a lot of fun with web challs

100 JLLiS hard and interesting problems

100 gnx Great!

100 keidii Awsome, well differentiated, hard !

99 keidii Awsome, well differentiated, hard !

100 Pyhscript out of my league but can't blame ctf for that, was pretty fun

1 kyprizel can't be 100

100 gynvael A worthy season final! Great tasks, everything worked smoothly (exceptions were fixed swiftly). I had a lot of fun playing :)

100 Fish This is an awesome CTF with many high-quality challenges! Great event to finish the year!