Voting ended at: Sept. 17, 2017, 5 p.m.

Weight after voting: 59.84 / 86.010

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


60 nomeaning Crypto tasks are very good.

86 solarwind good ctf, as always

66 Rioru Nice web challs, too bad the scoreboard wasn't too stable

69 kmkz Nice ctf as usual

86 Blakfist Nice ctf! Very good webs challs.

50 lionaneesh Nice pwns! Good job! 50 for balance.

86 Ghaaf Good as always

86 TMT good challs (except vivid spying :)

86 Black-mass The contest was awesome and we always learned something new. Thank you

15 harrier - for bad server connectivity and changing questions frequency without announcement. really need to improve management

86 muffinx that was an awesome ctf! :)

10 uafio 5 on Creativity, 10 on Entertainment, 30 on variety, -10 for flags like ASIS{AFKPUZ_dinsx_BFJNRVZ^b} against the specified flag format!

20 TMT not bad

86 Voorivex very good CTF :)

86 anonym95m Nice CTF, liked pwn, reverse

60 hoeg Very good web challenges. The amount of challenges overall where a little overwhelming for a 2 day event.

86 p4p1lio_1337133713371337 really good ctf, thank you guys ~!

86 greatwebapphunter very good :)

54 noraj Good challs but no so great management (how chall are released and how correction are done)

86 Yacine101 Nice CTF :)

25 shift_crops pwnable problem which depends on the network condition is bad.

76 stultusmundi very nice CTF

30 icchy not bad

45 f1u77y Nice PPC and crypto challenges but too much reverse and PWN.

20 hama Don't change the binary or the attachment without announcement.

22 Angelboy Many pwnable challenges is bad. Mrs. Hudson is solvable with pie, if it has binary. But they change the binary to no pie.... No binary is no

35 david942j Nice challenges exist but too many are broken, reused, and guessy. 35 for balance.

25 N4NU I hate unsolvable, guessy and modificating problem without announcement.

86 n0one so many things to learn, Tnx

80 mxms challenges were tough but fair

86 JLLiS Awesome....

50 mystiz Some challs changed into an easy one on the very last minute. Thats unfair and couldnt expect everyone could see that.

86 reamb Good

65 Reznok Some of the best web challenges I've seen in a CTF.

60 r00k Really enjoyed the web challenges, especially the later ones. Don't see a lot of proxy pivoting in jeopardy style CTFs

69 gkrishna Challenges were really good except for that there were way too many challenges.

40 elliptic_shiho nice

86 korami good

22 akrasuski1 Most tasks were not creative. E.g. pwn: int main(){char buf[64];gets(buf);}. Some tasks were better, but still, meh.

50 lionaneesh Pretty good CTF. Admins were approachable and web questions were really nice. I learned new things in some of the pwns, I'd give this 50 poi

86 ragulbalaji Good

65 0palash0 Awesome

22 niklasb Crypto and web tasks were ok, pwnables were among the worst this year. Some didn't even have binaries

30 Pharisaeus Way too many tasks, some broken/ badly defined/ unsolvable/ guessy/ clearly untested. A bit disappointing. Quals were much better.

25 konata Really awesome CTF. Thanks guys for the nice experience <3

25 noproto Very creative challenges and even included challenges tailored to beginners. I enjoyed it.