Voting finishes at: Nov. 13, 2017, 2 a.m.

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


100 Coxxs pertty hard

100 doshyt Nice!

100 icchy web tricks were very original, awesome

100 Paul_Axe best ctf in 2017

100 nomeaning Very good crypto tasks. I really enjoyed it.

100 jass93 Great ctf, with very nice challenges.

100 awe Great CTF! very nice pwnables

100 dp1 very hard

88 noraj good and hard chall

100 bookgin orange's web chals are always challenging and fun!

100 Sin__ !!!!

75 _2can Great as usual, except for the perfection stuff, which I consider bad CTF etiquette. And I'm all about CTF etiquette. And drinking. Mostly d

100 limit13 Hard and challenging CTF

100 dapolinario Monstrous CTF!

100 mxms good ctf; so much heap :D

100 zhsh Hard and great ctf

100 M1doriyaaaaaaaaaaaa it waas good

100 krx Really tough ctf, challenges were fair/fun to solve

100 F20z3m It is extremely hard (y)

100 bonaff Hard and great ctf

100 bonaff Hard and great ctf

100 1337banana good ctf

100 bruce30262 :)

100 Riatre That "Perfection".

100 harrier Excellent event. Learn a lot from this CTF

100 FuriousCat Probably the Hardest CTF of the year. Not at all for newbies, requires a lot of skill to succeed this. 100 for smooth ctf, responsive orgs a

100 Hertz stunning

100 Hcamael great

100 Ne0 amazing pwn

100 negasora great ctf, very difficult

100 plonk good & hard pwns

100 Fish A fantastic CTF with many great challenges!

100 niklasb hardest CTF this year

100 bennofs great ctf. challenges didn't require guessing as far as I can tell and were fun and hard