Voting finishes at: Oct. 15, 2017, 2 p.m.

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 L0rdComm4nd3r Good

20 mkulakov Incorrect weight of tasks, flag format issues, but some tasks are good

25 nomeaning Good CTF.

10 Riatre The idea behind challenges are pretty good, however it was poorly implemented. Organization issues, weird and inconsistent flag format and b

25 F20z3m Awesome CTF!

14 desconocido Flag format issues, some guessing required

15 0xcpu Okayish. Some challenges were more about guessing.

18 diogopmonteiro It was ok.

18 xenias All good, but there were few cons like 1) "Old school" task where you need to guess flag format(it's not concatenation); 2) Weight of tasks

25 SupraL Nice CTF

18 Dan some interesting tasks, but lots of challenge downtime.

15 hiww Guessy...

15 maro Why the scoreboard in ctftime and the original scoreboard are different ?!

22 Ghaaf Generally that was good enough, But as the other said it was not perfect

23 merrychap Tasks were really nice, thank a lot! But flag format was broken :c

20 Pharisaeus By difficulty of tasks I'd say it deserves 20, but the organization was terrible: no IRC, no real flag format, guessing needed

15 akrasuski1 some nice challenges... but a whole bunch of guessing ones, some dirbusting needed, no IRC

20 bennofs tasks were nice (I don't know the solution to the guessy ones yet so cannot say anything about that), but no IRC/chat and performance/stabil

20 niklasb compared to e.g. backdoorctf, which had much worse tasks. kaspersky should provide telegram or IRC though for support

15 h0twinter good router some how listed me in black list, and smart heater has down time like half of the competition....networking was gue

20 N4NU good tasks. but some problems were guessy, Smart Heater (part 2) was frequently down.

15 niklasb 11 tasks were great (esp. for500!), but rev400 was uber guessy, pwn700 was broken, and pwns were running as uid 0, so ofc stuff broke