Voting ended at: April 1, 2018, 3 p.m.

Weight after voting: 27.27 / 37.680

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


38 farisv Good (and realistic) web challenges!

30 nsychev Very hard and fun :)

22 paulch too few pwn and reverse challs. tasks (i.e. xortrick) repeat same vuln over the years. no irc

38 1Project top

38 r0hack Отличный CTF!

10 FADEC0D3 Could use more pwn for next year

10 zoolander only one ridiculously easy pwn until a second dropped only hours before end of event.

38 0xd13a Well organized from start to finish

10 nickg Too much web

30 asterite zajebisty ctf

1 giosch No pwn, challenges too similar. Boring ctf.

28 dancinggrass Too many web tasks

34 bookgin Although some web challenges are misleading, it's a good CTF.

38 y12uN Interesting crypto

28 mxms need more pwn :( overall good though

30 hugsy need more pwn

38 mphx2 good web

10 Ac3 Too much guessing, too much web. Crypto was actually pretty good

25 WGH Too few non-web tasks. No way to communicate with the organizers except phone number-requiring Telegram. Otherwise, pretty good CTF.

10 konata Too many web tasks

10 konata Too much web

10 dp_1 Much web, less fun

38 sandelan Very good ctf

38 _offw0rld_ good ctf :)

38 anticlockwise nice

38 Bashar Was hard but nice

38 0xC0DE fun, but very hard for me.

38 defund Fun, but not enough challenge diversity

38 n0n3m4 The organization was good, there was almost realtime support in the chat. The tasks, though, were web.

30 vient