Voting finishes at: Feb. 18, 2018, 6 a.m.

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 echel0n balanced CTF

25 krzys_h Nice CTF

20 clampz fun ctf, balance of task difficulty and complexity

25 TommyWithATiger Good tasks

25 anticlockwise Nice

16 Fl0k1 nice ctf

25 Hypersonic well made challenges. more anime pls

25 itsZN Well run, alnush was fun, needs more anime

25 kazkiti nice CTF

25 thotypous 愉快 keep up the good work

25 s0rc3r3r Nice CTF

25 andreafioraldi nice

25 noras was fun

25 bgpat nice

25 hama awesome CTF

23 4m1n3 Nice CTF

25 LazyPanda Very nice! Loved the unnormalized form data!

25 pyon787 great CTF

25 alex700 good ctf with balanced problems complexity

25 milkchoco really cool!

25 anticlockwise Nice

25 grzegorz225 Nice CTF

25 andreafioraldi nice

25 simenbkr Excellent CTF. Well done!

25 dapolinario Great CTF!

25 y12uN cool crypto Challenges

25 dp1 Nice

23 galadran Very impressed with the CTF. Great problems!

25 terjanq Not bad, Not bad

25 shishirjindal Nice CTF

25 KosBeg fun ctf :D

25 VirusFriendly Our team had lots of fun with this CTF

20 _bl4de Good CTF!

15 itegulov A good one with nice problems

25 nomeaning Good CTF

25 mrowqa The challenges were good, especially alnush - that was fun pwn :)

12 N4NU 504 CTF. Lost_data should be the best problem of the year !!!

25 adi1998.2010 Nice CTF

25 merrychap A W E S O M E ||| K P A C U B O. Thank you guys for the perfect CTF. Everything was just fine <3