Voting finishes at: March 6, 2018, midnight

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 h34v3n cool

1 Maki Guessing, guessing everywhere

20 JosefKuchar Pretty good CTF overall. Some guessing was involved though

25 BoiteAKlou Nice CTF with funny challenges

25 -Beta- Nice CTF

25 shishirjindal Nice CTF

25 bassojf Nice CTF

25 Ori0n__ Nice CTF :D

25 APT97 Good ctf but the challenge voldemortensen's recon sucks

10 chudy 10 will be alright. Some challenges were easy and some challenges required a lot of guessing. However, still good event with some decent tas

25 ThuongMunn fun

25 noraj noice

12 KillyP WAY too much guessing required.

20 Sp4rKy some good challenges, but lot of time lost because of unclear questions (upper/lowercase, guessing etc)

20 maggick nice CTF but a lot of guessing, bruteforce and unclear questions

25 Ameer Good job!

25 P0wndzius gr8

25 sandelan Good ctf!

25 _raa0_ That was fun.

25 KosBeg nice, not bad tasks.

25 catpawn Nice CTF :D

25 winw Nice ctf!

1 draj ...

25 Syngard Interesting challenges.

25 1224M3 Thanks for this event

25 Liodeus Very interesting challenges !

25 1224M3 ?

25 b14ck Interesting challenges

25 b14ck Good game, i enjoyed

4 Barberousse Lot's of guessing and unclear questions

15 privateshorty gg

25 adi19982010 fun challs

25 Elb Nice

17 taiyoslime Some problems required lots of guessing :/ (mostly attributed to their strict flag formats )

25 Kiro Good ctf

7 st98 Some challenges were interesting and fun (e.g. What the LFI?, Recon challenges), but too much guessing...

25 alissonb There were some really nice challenges!

25 d4rc0d3x Really good CTF.

25 pyon787 funny classical cipher

25 thxsena Nice ctf

25 kauedg Very nice multi-level event. Some of the reckon challs were really defying

25 h34v3n awesome event!! great chall and very funny!!!

25 n0p3 Funny and good ctf especially for beginners

25 Andeton Great ctf for beginners as for older players for having challs of all levels

15 Fl0k1 nice

25 doshyt good one!

25 diofeher Awesome event!

15 switch Multi level quite good

25 y12uN Really good CTF for students.

25 adrianoribeiro Awesome event

1 Creased Nice CTF

25 Creased Nice CTF!

25 SnakeTomahawk Amazing [NeverLan CTF]! Deserved more than 25.

25 fsociety good ctf

1 ENOENT Pay to flag and guess to win

10 draj easy level with tons of puzzle and guessing. 10 is good enough

25 dapolinario Great CTF!

25 K4L1 wonderful ctf! Nice challs, non-guessing, good administration, im waiting for next year! :D