Voting ended at: March 24, 2018, 4:30 p.m.

Weight after voting: 18.97 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


17 pan7h3r00009 challenges were pretty good but there are sum server issues

18 lusifer00009 network issues

17 1m_Z3r0 Good one but there were server issues

16 C3rus ctf's are tough

17 ays658983 it was good

18 lolvagirl gud but faced a few netwrk issues

17 t43j0ke Okey

18 d4vid The CTF was pretty good but there were some server issues. Web challenges were quite easy.

19 dixitshweta22 server issues

17 syntaxerror Interesting challenges but the server was down.

15 lollywloo it was good.

18 gdpr15478139781c09aad7314a31 Server issues

17 cyber_tzu Straight Web Challs

18 Silipwn Good CTF, server issues

17 dancinggrass good ctf with some nice challenges

17 CHS_211 Good CTF!

18 v0rt3x_0047 Cool CTF

18 M1naT0 Was a fun ctf

17 t34m1event0 The challenges were okay, but a 12 hours is short time

19 j4rge Was fun playing

19 cipher-vader Loved the CTF! but the server issues was disturbing. The crypto challenges we good.

17 h1lleohood It was fun..except some network issues.

16 nsg99 Good one

18 5cr4pp3r Interesting was fun playing

17 SpyD3r web chall were quite easy and straight forward

20 s0rc3r3r Good challenges. Responsive admins. Server issues + could have been conducted for 24 hrs. Was fun :)

10 PUT_ctf__player Pretty fine CTF. It had some technical issues, but met with appropriate response from the organisers. The challenges were neither very easy,

21 gr3ycha0s7 Good CTF with good questions.

21 gr3ycha0s7 Good CTF but had some issues and backdoors too.

22 s0rc3r3r Good challenges. Responsive admins. Server issues + could have been conducted for 24 hrs. Was fun :)

25 ark1nar Good CTF

25 SnakeTomahawk Nice!

25 stankc Interesting challenges, lot of fun.

25 chmod Fun

20 dapolinario When it worked, it was a lot of fun.

16 Barberousse Pretty interesting challenges. 12 hours is a little short though

25 alb1or1x Good CTF, tasks are balanced between categories, admins are in touch ;)

25 b14ck Thanks for the event, hope see u next year ;)

25 maro Some tasks were good, admins always available

25 solarwind nice