Voting ended at: July 1, 2018, 11:59 p.m.

Weight after voting: 96.34 / 99.465

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


100 alfink fun CTF

100 rsawald Good CTF, Nice challenges but please have a good challenge web framework next time. It was so bad =( No need of fancy graphics

100 kt The challenges I worked on (web + some RE) were interesting, I felt I learned some tricks, difficulty was also pleasant. Quality CTF in over

90 Sin__ Fun challenges overall. Last year quals and finals crypto challenges were a bit better than this year though.

85 Aurel300 very interesting challenges, appropriately difficult

100 Redford awesome challenges, interesting and high quality

100 defund hard :)

90 Jackyxty Great CTF. Interesting challenges. Too many sandboxes and JS though. And UI is a little bit CPU consuming :P

100 fortenforge high quality challenges. particularly good crypto and misc challs

100 cluosh damn fun ride

100 F20z3m absolute hard and excited ctf :]

100 pedroysb bloody, carnage

100 mans Very fun ctf learned alot from it

75 hellman Nice CTF, + many cryptos, - cryptos were pretty straightforward

100 Pharisaeus Really good and hard. No guessing. Nice crypto and web. One complaint is that web was only about JS.

100 Kr1s Very good CTF, flawless infrastructure, crypto challenges were very enjoyable.

100 sauravchandra Great CTF

100 a1exdandy Nice

100 Hertz Challenges of top quality, really enjoyed it.

100 gnx Great CTF, more challenges like "Wired CSV" are welcome :)

100 droop Hard yet enjoyable

100 icchy great ctf. non-Javascript web challenges are welcome.

90 DIDIx13 The UI wasn't as good as past year great challenges and nice beginner's section