Voting finishes at: Sept. 20, 2018, 4 p.m.

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25 binary-noob Great CTF!

18 rgrgrg Nice.

25 XxcoralloxX nice challenges

23 vergil-SI Very challenging, and legit CTF.

25 Segmentation__Fault great ctf

25 bassojf great ctf

10 lamchcl a few good chals but most of them were troll and guessy

25 n0ps13d Great CTF.

25 ketankr9 Enjoyed it, but every problems should have been put-up at the beginning itself.

25 Lattice good job

22 kok good overall, some guessing here and there

25 5k33tz Awesome CTF

25 GDASL Grat!

20 MoonRae Some more clues were needed, but enjoyed the CTF and liked the time length on this one

25 ray01 great

19 zajtarn Great CTF!

25 Lattice ​good job

21 galhoro Good CTF!

20 coldray Fun and varied. Had a bit of everything, and everyone had a chance to solve something.

25 catpawn Nice

20 tenflo Cool

25 Ahhh fantastic

25 FADEC0D3 Nice Challenges & Scoreboard!

25 ret2got great

25 pyon787 nice CTF

25 erfur Good comprehensive challenges.

25 K4L1 Very nice CTF

25 stankc Had a lot of fun, nice...

25 SnakeTomahawk Very nice CTF!

24 shrimpgo-fs I have a lot of fun, except for guessing in forensics

25 mr96

25 mans

25 thxsena great ctf

25 adrianoribeiro Great

25 dapolinario Great CTF!

25 cts good pwn but forensics and other chals were very guessy

25 VoidMercy sice

15 peppermint nice platform

25 jonathanj Nice

25 akhiljarodiya great

25 hackervj nice ctf