Voting ended at: Jan. 27, 2019, noon

Weight after voting: 52.15 / 62.205

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


62 adragos great tasks

30 R3x Challenges were unevenly distributed.

58 SpyD3r awesome web challs

56 chq-matteo A couple of fresh challenges, nice idea for the crypto, nice pwn

50 FeDEX Good pwns

62 dapolinario Great CTF!

62 Z0R1G7 Why not forensic challanges ?

40 erdy Great difficulty.

30 n0n3m4 Technically good, but boring in practice. Especially that l33t-hoster task.

50 Pharisaeus Personally I didn't like it, but the difficulty level was really good.

60 m3ssap0 very good

45 glicOne nice

60 paulch very good ??

60 vient nice

62 a1exdandy zajebiste

40 _marcb 2 0-day challenges. Only 24h. Very well organised. Fun challenges. medium-hard.