Voting ended at: Dec. 31, 2018, 2 p.m.

Weight after voting: 23.06 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 pwn1n9me0w7 Great challenges, Merry Christmas. meow<

25 NAKsecurity Quality of CTF was pretty high, difficulty ~right for "advent" format with 35 challs in 25 days. A cpl challs had annoying parts

25 hpmv Creative, fun, diverse challenges with xmas themes; beautiful UI and smooth organization. Met a lot of great people too.

25 koyaan Fun and diverse challenges

23 TTH Most challenges were creative and hard. A few fun challenges for easy points reduce suggested rating a little.

25 rnbwdsh pretty awesome, hard challenges. also more challenges than a "regular" short ctf

25 przemub Cool CTF.

25 sleepunderflow Fun, extremaly time consuming challenges ranging from easy to what the hell am I supposed to do here. Great event :)

22 sleepunderflow Fun, difficult, time consuming challenges. Great event

25 plonk Fun, well-organized marathon :)

25 Elsavira Good challenges, good difficulty, See you next year :)

25 cluosh Fun, but time consuming

25 0n3m4ns4rmy Zajebisty CTF. Looking forward to the next CTF :)

25 hashmush 0% pain, 100% fun. I enjoyed all of it.

25 hashmush 100% pain, 0% fun. I enjoyed all of it.

25 pd0wm Great CTF! Difficulty level was perfect, some harder and some easier challenges.

25 dr3dd

25 IoN Good, quality challenges -- some easy and some quite hard. Slick web interface front end as well.

25 borysp Zajebisty CTF. Fun challs, from easy to challenging. Bit too much time consuming.

20 gsingh93 Lots of really fun problems, but a few annoying ones.

1 Pharisaeus 100% pain, 0% fun. I enjoyed none of it.

25 ZetaTwo Amazing christmas CTF! Great challs! Great talk on the IRC